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What Should You Know About Working with a Type 5? feat. Kathy Farah

Apr 11, 2023
What Should You Know About Working with a Type 5? with Kathy Farah on the Enneagram MBA Podcast



Do you prefer to work alone and find it incredibly annoying to be interrupted while you work?

Does getting recognized for your depth of knowledge and know-how make you feel appreciated?

Do you find yourself wishing people would leave their personal life and drama at home? Or almost immediately zone out when someone starts sharing a personal story that isn't directly relevant to the work or team?

Have you ever procrastinated because you needed to gather more information?

If you answered to yes to these, you might be a Type 5!

Listen in here to learn more about the Enneagram 5 energy, whether you're trying to narrow down your dominant type ...or looking to better understand a Type 5 in your life.

Kathy Farah will be our informant, sharing life on the "inside" as we open up this week's Case File.


Kathy helps business owners who need to get critical tasks off their plates so they can focus on growing their businesses and supporting clients work with me to customize their backend systems to be more efficient and profitable.

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