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"I knew I wanted someone to provide me with a tangible, realistic guidance to move forward and Sarah was just that."

The point of Enneagram coaching is to understand yourself & what you want, identify where you are now, and map out where you want to go.

A few examples of how Enneagram coaching can help:
  • You're not sure what type of job you're looking for, but what you're doing now ain't it  
  • You're looking to position yourself as a leader at work and apply for the promotion, but currently feel underqualified 
  • You're leading a team and are frustrated you keep having the same challenges with certain individuals
  • You're a new or growing entrepreneur on the verge of burnout from trying to keep up with all the content creation, sales, and marketing efforts
  • Your kiddos have officially left the nest and you're ready to write the next chapter, but aren't sure yet what's next
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"Sarah is the perfect person to be teaching about the Enneagram. She is heartfelt in all she does, makes you feel comfortable, and is non-judgemental. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her and look forward to uncovering more about myself!"


Maegon Renee, Therapist and Self-Care Coach, Type 4


Choose Your Own (Coaching) Adventure

A 12-Week 1: 1 Experience in One of the Programs:



Aligning Your Business with Your Personality

We'll use the Enneagram as our guide to better get to know yourself so you can more effectively (and happily!):

◽Get known with a compelling personal brand that is personalized for you! 

◽Create aligned service offers that feel fun and fulfilling to deliver on

◽Have a sales strategy in place that doesn't feel slimy or fake and that recognizes your clients' differences

◽Design marketing plans and content creation schedules that don't feel heavy 



Navigating a Career or Life Change with Your  Type

 For anyone feeling like they're going through the motions or not living up to their potential and ready for a change. We'll use the Enneagram to better identify and understand:

◽ Your passions and motivators - what you really want (vs. should want) 

◽ The next right move for you based on your personality, core values, and priorities

◽ The best way for you to create new habits and set goals

◽ The ways you experience stress and anxiety and a personalized path for handling it



Using the Enneagram to Understand Your Team

An experience for both business owners and career professionals who are looking for something outside of the bro-leadership tactics and "leading from the trenches" mentality. 

◽Identify and further develop your own leadership style 

◽Understand your communication and conflict styles and how they impact your team

◽Identify and understand the communication and conflict styles of your team

◽Provide more customized and actionable feedback 

Recognize each person's natural gifts and where they might each get stuck



Investment: $595/month for 3 months

Or save $300 and pay in full - $1495 program total



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"I am a first-time business owner and was feeling lost in what direction to go in order to launch my business.

I reached out to Sarah because  of her marketing and sales experience and her Enneagram background. 

I came away from our session less overwhelmed and anxious on where to start. Sarah is really good at asking detailed, clarifying, thought provoking questions to assist you in having a plan."


- Kerri Cooper, Women's Life Coach, Type 2

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