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My goal in working with the Enneagram is to help with the self-awareness and others awareness needed to have happy, healthy, and productive relationships. 







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"The way she combines, biz, personal development and the Enneagram is magic!"

The Enneagram MBA podcast is a top source for relatable, non-boring, and useful insights for applying the Enneagram at work.

Join other modern leaders and passionate entrepreneurs in fascinating conversations about personality, behavior, and professional development. 

What is the Enneagram?


The Enneagram (pronounced "ANY-uh-gram") is a model for identifying nine distinct personality types. More than identifying only strengths or surface-level behaviors, it gives incredibly accurate and useful insights into the stories we're telling ourselves, the root motives behind behaviors, and charts a specific path for each type for growth and performance improvement.


Whether you're wanting a guide for your own self-awareness journey or a tangible tool to better understand the people around you, you'll find what you need inside the Enneagram. 


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An Overview of the Nine Enneagram Types


the idealist improver

Striving to feel perfect; doesn't want to be irresponsible, wrong, or careless

the nurturing helper

Striving to feel connected to others and appreciated; doesn't want to be physically or emotionally isolated

the successful performer

Striving to feel outstanding and successful; doesn't want to be mediocre or average

the authentic individualist 

Striving to feel unique; doesn't want to be plain, typical, or mundane

the self-reliant observer

Striving to feel detached, capable and competent; doesn't want to be reckless, emotional, or reliant on others

the skeptical troubleshooter

Striving to feel secure; doesn't want to let their guard down and be unprepared

the enthusiastic multitasker 

Striving to feel excited and free; doesn't want to be bored, boring, or without options

the powerful protector 

Striving to feel powerful and strong; doesn't want to be vulnerable, weak or taken advantage of

the peaceful changemaker

Striving to feel at peace; doesn't want to bring attention to themselves or their needs 

"You have spent years studying other people - presidents, authors, athletes, artists. It's time to start studying yourself."


My Approach to the Enneagram

We take the work seriously, but not ourselves.


Taking an honest look at yourself can be uncomfortable and at times, cringy. What you go through to see and accept all parts of you and your impact on others, is hard work. That's why it's important to me that what you take away from this deep work is useful, actionable, with some fun along the way.

The Enneagram can be a complex model, but when you work with me as your guide, expect to learn it in an unprestigious way with fun examples from JLO and the Avengers, humor, and relevant analogies. What we do together will never be to shame you, attempt to fix you, or make you wrong (or anyone else), but to see all of you and understand how to use your strategies to support you vs. thwart you in your success at work and at home.


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The official bio

Sarah is a Certified Enneagram Coach, host of the Enneagram MBA podcast, speaker, and workshop facilitator. 

With over 15 years in relationship building roles working with government agencies and companies like the US EPA, Federal Reserve Bank, John Deere, and adidas Outdoor, now small business owners, corporations, and event organizers work with Sarah to help them use the Enneagram to develop confident, empathetic, and emotionally intelligent leaders with powerful, productive, and happy teams.

Not all work - A few fun facts: 

  • German Shepherd parent &  boy mom to a future gaming celebrity 
  • Identifies most with Enneagram 7
  • 2x marathon runner (Marine Corps and Chicago)
  • Owner of too many books 
  • Mostly vegan 
  • Brainstorming is my love language
  • Always up for a new hiking adventure

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