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Enneagram MBA works with organizations and teams to increase self-awareness, the understanding of others, and collaboration that leads to happy, healthy, and productive relationships at work -- and beyond. 











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Writer Annie Dillard famously said, ‚ÄúHow we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.‚ÄĚ


With over one-third of our lives spent at work, it's safe to say those relationships can make a huge impact on our quality of life.


Enneagram MBA is here to support teams as they grow and navigate those co-worker dynamics.


The Podcast


"The way she combines, biz, personal development and the Enneagram is magic!"

The Enneagram at Work podcast is a top source for relatable, non-boring, and useful insights for applying the Enneagram at work.

Join other modern leaders and engaged co-workers in fascinating conversations about personality, behavior, and professional development. 

What is the Enneagram?


The Enneagram (pronounced "ANY-uh-gram") is a model for identifying nine distinct  patterns of habitual thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. The points represent a specific personality strategy and the lines represent the interrelationship of those strategies.


More than identifying only strengths or surface-level behaviors, it gives surprisingly accurate and useful insights into the stories we're telling ourselves, the root motives behind behaviors, and charts a specific path for each type for growth and performance improvement.


Whether you're wanting a guide for your own self-awareness journey or a tangible tool to better understand the people around you, you'll find what you need inside the Enneagram. 


Bring the Enneagram to Your Team

Do you know your number?

An Overview of the Nine Enneagram Types


the idealist improver

Striving to feel perfect; doesn't want to be irresponsible, wrong, or careless

the supportive advisor

Striving to feel connected to others and appreciated; doesn't want to be physically or emotionally isolated

the inspiring achiever

Striving to feel outstanding and successful; doesn't want to be mediocre or average

the authentic visionary 

Striving to feel unique; doesn't want to be plain, typical, or mundane

the self-reliant observer

Striving to feel detached, capable and competent; doesn't want to be reckless, emotional, or reliant on others

the skeptical troubleshooter

Striving to feel secure; doesn't want to let their guard down and be unprepared

the enthusiastic multitasker 

Striving to feel excited and free; doesn't want to be bored, boring, trapped in emotional pain or without options

the protective challenger

Striving to feel powerful and strong; doesn't want to be vulnerable, weak or taken advantage of

the inclusive    peacemaker

Striving to feel at peace; doesn't want to bring attention to themselves or their needs 

"You have spent years studying other people - presidents, authors, athletes, artists. It's time to start studying yourself."



Our Approach to the Enneagram

We take the work seriously, but not ourselves.


Taking an honest look at yourself can be uncomfortable and at times, cringy. What you go through to see and accept all parts of you and your impact on others, is hard work. That's why it's important to us that what you take away from this deep work is useful, actionable -- with some fun along the way.

The Enneagram can be a complex model, but when you work with us as your guide, expect to learn it in an approachable way with fun examples from The Office to the Avengers, with a touch of humor, and relevant analogies. What we do together will never be to shame you, attempt to "fix" you, or make you wrong (or anyone else), but to see all of you and understand how to use your strategies to support you vs. thwart in you in your success at work.


Learn more about our methodology in this episode

Our 1-2-3 Enneagram Model

We use and are certified in the Awareness to Action Enneagram teaching methodology. There is A LOT of information out there, but the ATA method ensures our clients are focused on the most useful parts of the Enneagram while bringing meaningful awareness and tangible change in their growth.


1 - Enneagram Type

What lens are you looking at the world through? The first step in the process is to identify and understand your top Enneagram type, it's strengths, and potential blind spots. This is where we'll also start to bring awareness to others’ types.

2 - Connecting Points

How can you use the Enneagram to grow? Next, you'll learn about your type's connecting strategies to identify a specific growth path and bring awareness to potential areas that might trip you up. As a manager, this is also a great place to better understand your people and provide more personalized and effective development strategies.

3 - Instinctual Bias

There are 3 different "flavors" of each type that determine how it will be expressed. Long story short, it's how an individual prioritizes needs. In this step, you'll identify that flavor a.k.a. your top needs/values (Zone of Enthusiasm, the one that can cause inner conflict (Zone of Conflict), and the ones you don't really pay attention to (Zone of Indifference).  Digging deeper into the type structure will give you more insight and practical strategies for yourself and your relationships. 

Learn more about the ATA Enneagram methodology here.

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About Sarah

Sarah Wallace is Founder and CEO of Enneagram MBA, a Certified Enneagram Coach, speaker, and host of the Enneagram at Work podcast. She is a member of the International Enneagram Association and Enneagram Collaborative Global. 


Her career started as a Manager of Public Affairs for a global corporate construction material company and later as a National Media Sales Consultant for a publishing company in the health club industry. This wide range of workplace relationship experience and team dynamics allows her to understand and successfully work with various types and sizes of groups, while both collaborating with executives in the boardroom and supporting employees in the field. 


With over 15 years in these relationship-building roles working with customers, vendor partners, community stakeholders, and government agencies, now organizations like Reddit, MARS Petcare, and the Cincinnati Children's Hospital work with Sarah to help them use the Enneagram to develop confident, empathetic, and emotionally intelligent leaders with powerful, productive, and happy teams.

Learn more and connect with Sarah here on Linkedin. 

Learn more about our Enneagram methodology 


Not all work - A few fun facts: 

  • German Shepherd and cat mom¬†+ boy mom to¬†a future Rubik cube record holder¬†¬†
  • Identifies most with Enneagram 7
  • 2x marathon runner (Marine Corps in DC and Chicago)
  • Indiana State Park Pass holder with a checklist of National Parks to hike

Meet the Team 


Workshop Facilitator

Dina Smith, LMHC, MCAP,  Type 3, Sunny Florida

Director of Clinical Services at the University of Florida Health Recovery Center and Certified Enneagram Coach, Dina uses the Enneagram first-hand with her own team and inside her therapeutic work. She not only brings a deep understanding of applying the Enneagram in real life but also her 12 years of management experience and over 16 years as a licensed therapist. Her Enneagram workshops are fun, engaging, and filled with real-world applications, and her specialties extend to working parents who are interested in using the Enneagram at home with their families.

Workshop Facilitator 

Demetrius "D" Parker, Type 3, Denver, Colorado

As a Business Leadership Consultant & Coach and Organizational Development Program Manager, Demetrius brings together self-awareness with practical and actionable steps to his work with teams in DEI, leadership development, and sustainable culture change. He specializes in using the Enneagram and other professional development tools, like the DiSC, inside the public sector with his firm, Trust Leadership Collective. Workshop attendees rave about his high-energy, interactive, and impactful training experiences.

Workshop Logistics

Liesl Behm, Type 6, Outside of Seattle

If you've ever thought "Wow, Sarah is way more organized than I was expecting..." it's because of Liesl. She is an Enneagram enthusiast who has multiple balls in the air when it comes to helping our clients have a smooth workshop experience. You'll find her analyzing test results for our team map exercises, assisting with our post-workshop reports, and collecting feedback to ensure we keep getting better.

Keeper of the Numbers

Bridgett Rowland, Type 9, Abroad in Puerto Rico

If you've received an invoice, (or a friendly reminder about it...), you've crossed paths with our calm, cool, and collect bookkeeper and mom of two, Bridgett. Her forte is helping businesses improve cash flow and bring peace of mind to bookkeeping.  Two out of five business owners say bookkeeping & taxes are the worst part of their business - but not us. Learn more about how Bridgett might be able to help your business too. 

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