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Sarah is the Enneagram expert and self-awareness advocate you want to keynote on your stage. 

If you are looking for a keynote speaker to inspire your audience, provide thought-provoking insights, or need an Enneagram expert for your organization's event, Sarah is relatable and knowledgeable, while making the content actionable and fun.

An engaging and sought-after speaker, Sarah has delivered her inspirational, insightful messages to in-person and virtual audiences. Organizations and event hosts hire Sarah to inspire and inform their teams and audiences on taking a seat and speaking at the table, rethinking common work and leadership practices, ethically influencing, and understanding human behavior, including their own.

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"We had a very large group and Sarah handled it extremely well. She presented on a topic with a lot of information, but it never felt dry or as if you were in the classroom, as she constantly engaged and interacted with our audience, walking around, asking questions, and keeping everyone involved. She allowed the group to direct the discussion, while staying on topic."


Crystole Roberts, Women4Women Network Organizer
Computershare Chapter

A few popular keynote topics

Or work with Sarah to customize for your event.

Length: 30, 45 or 60 minutes

Location: Virtual and In-Person options (flying from Louisville, KY) 

Get Out of the Trenches: Putting an End to Extreme Ownership, Toxic Positivity, and other Dude Leadership Tactics

There's all kinds of way to lead (you'll learn about 9 of them here) that don't require self-sacrifice, manufactured enthusiasm, or marching into any battles. The audience will learn how to identify their style, the strengths to leverage, and blind spots to be aware of. 


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Effort Doesn't Work Anymore: Use the  Enneagram to Disrupt Hustle Culture and Still Meet Your Goals

Hang up your hustle harder t-shirt and discover the most effective and enjoyable way to work based on your personality. The audience will leave with a better understanding of the 9 hustle styles, start to identify their own, and how to use it for a happier and more productive career and overall life.


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Influence Others: 

How to Ethically Move People to Yes

It's not enough to know what someone wants. You need to understand what's getting in their way, so you can navigate around it. Many times, the ways we're taught to sell, motivate or influence others has to do with convincing them of something we think they want or a new habit they should take on. In this presentation, audience members will leave with both inspiration and information for how to create meaningful influence, not by more motivation, but by understanding people and what's really in their way. 

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Gender Gaps and Glass Ceilings: Using the Enneagram to Eliminate Both and Bring More Diversity to the Leadership Table

Women’s leadership and decision-making has never been more urgent. When we have diverse leadership, we make better decisions. Whether you identify as a man or a women, this presentation will provide the audience with insights into how more women can take control of their leadership path and how more companies can make that journey easier.

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Keeping Travel Simple.

If you choose an in-person experience, to make your life easier, we will plan and book the travel.The standard travel fee state-side is $995 and includes air travel to you and a 2-night stay so that I'm on time, rested, and ready to bring your event an incredible experience - and so that there's never any rushing out to catch a flight.

Louisville is my home and I love speaking locally in and around Louisville (and can always throw in a few local Louisville jokes as well). Discounts are available for events in Louisville and surrounding areas.

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About Sarah

Not stuffy or fluffy. Entertaining and useful.

Sarah’s fun and engaging presentations leave attendees motivated, reflective, open to change, and armed actionable takeaways.

With over 13+ years in relationship building roles working with government agencies and companies like the US EPA, Department of Natural Resources, MINDBODY, and adidas Outdoor, small business owners and large organizations hire Sarah to help them use the Enneagram to develop confident, effective, and emotionally intelligent leaders with powerful, productive, and happy teams.

"I liked that there were takeaways and exercises to encourage self reflection instead of a person just speaking in generic terms."


- Event Attendee

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