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Looking for an insightful and engaging speaker for your event?

Sarah is the Enneagram guide and self-awareness advocate you want to bring on your stage. 

If you are looking for a speaker to inspire your audience, provide thought-provoking insights, or need an Enneagram guide for your organization's event, Sarah is relatable and knowledgeable, while making the content actionable and fun.

An engaging and sought-after speaker, Sarah has delivered her inspirational, insightful messages to in-person and virtual audiences. Organizations and event hosts hire Sarah to inspire and inform their teams and audiences on increasing confidence in communication through increasing self-awareness, rethinking the way we lead at work, and creating a workplace culture where team members feel understood and valued. 

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Sarah Wallace, Enneagram Speaker with Enneagram MBA Company

Some of the conferences Sarah been a part of:


"We had a very large group and Sarah handled it extremely well. She presented on a topic with a lot of information, but it never felt dry or as if you were in the classroom, as she constantly engaged and interacted with our audience, walking around, asking questions, and keeping everyone involved. She allowed the group to direct the discussion, while staying on topic."


Crystole Roberts, Women4Women Network Organizer
Computershare Chapter


Ways to Use the Enneagram at Your Conference

Or work with us to customize for your event.


Location: Virtual and In-Person options (traveling from Louisville, KY) 

Investment: starting at $2995

The Ways Women Lead - An Enneagram Training

To Educate

Add a well-being, career development, or leadership session to your conference agenda with an Enneagram presentation. Attendees will get an introduction to the Enneagram at Work and an opportunity to take a free quiz or paid assessment at registration so that they're coming in with some idea of what their top Enneagram type might be. 

More advanced or specific sessions can be shared depending on the needs for the event. 

Typical length: 60 minutes


Start the Process
It's Time to Stop Fixing Yourself, An Enneagram Training

To Network 

Avoid the awkward standing around and tired "So, what do you do?" conversations at your welcome receptions and event happy hours. Bring engaging entertainment and ignite meaningful connections with an Enneagram Session followed by Type Breakouts. This makes for a smooth transition directly into your networking event where discussions are already buzzing and no one is standing alone. 

Typical length: 90 minutes


Curious About This One

To Engage  

Build excitement and begin your event experience before attendees ever step foot in the venue (or log on). When attendees register for your conference, they will receive instructions to take an Enneagram assessment and be assigned to a specific pre-event networking roundtable where they'll discuss their results and make new connections with others in the process. This lays the foundation for meaningful engagement at the event and gives attendees the opportunity to already have "their people" from day one. We'll also work together to create buzz on social media or the event channels by sharing about the Enneagram experiences.

Enneagram swag items may be added (stickers, card deck, etc.).


Get a Call Scheduled

Keeping Travel Simple.

If you choose an in-person experience, to make your life easier, we will plan and book the travel. The standard travel fee state-side is $1495 and includes air travel to you and a 2-night stay so that Sarah is on time, rested, and ready to bring your event an incredible experience - and so that there's never any rushing out to catch a flight. International travel is welcome! We'll work with you more closely on those logistics and travel expenses. 

Louisville is my home and I love speaking locally in and around Louisville (and can always throw in a few local Louisville jokes as well). Discounts are available for events in Louisville and surrounding areas.

Topics to pair with the Enneagram: 

Increasing Co-Worker Compatibility

Professional Growth: Where to Start?


The 9 Leadership Styles


Selling Styles & Buyer Personas


Managing Up


About Sarah

Not stuffy or fluffy. Entertaining and useful.

Sarah’s fun and engaging presentations leave attendees motivated, reflective, open to change, and armed with actionable takeaways.

With over 15 years in relationship-building roles working with government agencies and companies like the US EPA, Department of Natural Resources, MINDBODY, and adidas Outdoor, small business owners and large organizations hire Sarah to help them use the Enneagram to develop confident, effective, and emotionally intelligent leaders with powerful, productive, and happy teams.

"I liked that there were takeaways and exercises to encourage self reflection instead of a person just speaking in generic terms."


- Event Attendee

The Event Booking Process

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Set Up a Call

To help us both determine if we're a good fit for each other's style and goals, we'll set up a 15-minute call to talk more about your event needs and how I might be able to contribute.

Plan the Experience

Are you looking for a specific topic or planning for an upcoming event? Are you looking to hear specifically about the Enneagram or more general human behavior, emotional intelligence, and women issue topics? We'll start to plan out your personalized event experience! 

Pick a Date

Do you have a date planned that the keynote must take place or are you more flexible? Either way, we'll take out the calendars and start to coordinate our schedules. 

Promote the Event

Once logistics have been worked out, the deposit paid, and both of us have signed on the dotted line, your event is up next! Whatever keynote topic you chose, my team will help ensure you have all the bios, graphics, and descriptions you need to promote the event and invite others to come!

Step 1 - Get in Touch!

Send Sarah a message today to set up time to talk about your upcoming event, initial ideas, budget, dates, and answer any questions you have! 

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Enneagram for Teams


If you're interested in introducing the Enneagram or expanding on past trainings within your organization, learn more about the virtual and in-person workshop and programming opportunities with Enneagram MBA below!


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