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"Both sections were fantastic and insightful."

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Self-awareness is the linchpin for all other leadership and relationship management skills. Any businesses and organizations that want to remain competitive will need to be incorporating emotional intelligence education into their business models regularly and strategically.

Enneagram Workshop for Corporate Trainings


Enneagram Workshop for Sales Training



Enneagram for Teams



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Enneagram Workshops for Women's Groups and Events

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Enneagram for Teams



Why the Enneagram?

A language for figuring out what gets in the way of change and progress.


Since childhood, we've been developing a persona that emphasizes "what works" - the ways we think we can control ourselves and the world around us to get what we need and avoid what feels bad. 

Aligned with the latest research in neuroscience and cognitive psychology, the Enneagram gives leaders a tool to rethink "what works" by increasing self-awareness and improving relationship management. 

Individuals learn to navigate reactions to transitions, challenges, growing pains and big life changes with greater ease and awareness to triggers. Leaders also learn how to have tough conversations with more compassion, skill and diplomacy.

Enneagram for Teams
Organizations benefiting from the Enneagram (according to Newsweek)


"I used what I learned today! I have a colleague on another team and she and I sometimes struggle together. I emailed her this morning to ask for her Enneagram type so I can learn more about her, understand her motivations better, and then adjust how I interact with her to hopefully build a stronger working relationship."


Workshop Attendee 
Cincinnati Children's Hospital & Medical Center

Workshop Spotlights

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"Both sessions were fantastic and insightful. The detailed explanation from Sarah about the different Enneagram types was really helpful to understand and relate. It was great having Sarah as our coach."


Titli Das, John Deere Engineer and PhD Candidate
The Society of Women Engineers

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Enneagram workshops for sales teams
A Starting Point Presentation
2 Hours

Virtual or Onsite Presentation


Focus: Introducing the Enneagram and how to use it in the workplace.

 Includes: assessments, Enneagram at Work overview, guided discussion, team mapping, "Ways to Work with Me" homework, and personalized resource page


Investment: starting at $3,495


Enneagram workshop for new and seasoned leaders
Dream Team Workshop
1/2 - Full Day 

 Onsite Workshop


Focus: Identifying and understanding different values, talents, feedback preferences, and communication styles of each member on the team 

Includes: assessments, an optional pre-workshop leadership session, facilitated breakouts, group sharing, role-playing, team mapping, Enneagram field guides, customized activities, personalized resource page


Investment: starting between $4,995 - $9,995


Enneagram workshops for happy and productive teams
C-Suite Synergy Series  

Onsite + OnDemand + Virtual


Focus:  Using the Enneagram at the highest level of corporations for meaningful leadership development, improved c-suite collaboration, and successful team collaboration among direct reports

 Includes: a build-your-own program with key pieces to increase self and others awareness; each customized package includes full-day, in-person kick-off workshop


Investment: starting at $24,995



Keeping Travel Simple.

If you choose an in-person experience, to make your life easier, we'll plan and book the travel. The standard travel fee state-side is $1595 and includes air travel to you and a 2-night stay so that we're on time, rested, and ready to bring your team an incredible experience - and so that we're never rushed at the end. International travel is welcome! We'll work with you more closely on those logistics and travel costs. *If booking within 30 days before your workshop an additional $300 will be added.

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+ Enneagram at Work Add-Ons

Assess ways your team can use their Enneagram information for real-world application with these workplace opportunities. 

New Hire Onboarding Kit

Roll out the red carpet for your newest team member; includes (3) Enneagram assessments with results review call + leader & team member joint session

New Manager Success

Knock the first 90 days out of the park with a personalized Enneagram program for a new leader to increase self-awareness and relationship management skills.

Navigating Challenges

From co-worker conflict to organizational changes, the Enneagram can help equip team members with tools to better manage and find resolution.

In-House Enneagram Champions

Keep the excitement and momentum going after a workshop experience by identifying in-house champions who are further trained and supported by Enneagram MBA.
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Customize your own experience


"I loved how Sarah flowed through the entire workshop. Sessions like these are make-or-break based on the facilitator and I thought Sarah absolutely crushed it! I loved learning about each different type and really enjoyed our breakout sessions with intimate discussion questions."


Alina - Workshop Attendee
MARS Petcare Team
Sarah Wallace, Enneagram MBA, Enneagram Team Training

Why Enneagram MBA?

Not stuffy or fluffy. Entertaining and useful.

Our fun and engaging presentations leave attendees motivated, reflective, open to change, and armed with strategies they can use immediately.

With Sarah leading the way with her 15+ years in relationship-building roles working with government agencies and companies like the US EPA, MINDBODY, and adidas Outdoor, now small business owners and large organizations hire Enneagram MBA to help them use the Enneagram to develop confident, effective, and emotionally intelligent leaders with powerful, productive, and happy teams.

Hear more about Enneagram MBA's approach to the Enneagram inside this podcast episode.

Some of the groups Enneagram MBA has worked with:


"This training was so incredible and we loved it! We love tangible items relating to how to positively run your business using what we learned about the Enneagram and that was exactly what Sarah did with her training."


Hannah Rivette, Support Team
The Elevate Effect

On a lean budget? 

If you don't have the budget right now for a guided Enneagram experience, but you do have an in-house Enneagram enthusiast, a self-led Enneagram workshop might be a great alterative. Inside the DIY Workshop Kit, you'll get everything you need to deliver your own fun and impactful team experience.


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