Lead Your Own Enneagram Workshop

Inside the Kit you'll get access to Dream Team workshop experience  with all the materials you need to support your in-house facilitator to deliver an entertaining and impactful Enneagram training covering how your team can find their type and how to use it to better navigate conflict and different communication styles.

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Enneagram Workshop Slides

Slide Deck Ready to Use

With any presentation, knowing what to say is the hard part. On top of that, you're spending time putting what you want to say into a visually appealing format.  This DIY Kit takes care of both for you so that you can jump straight into practicing for the presentation! 

Enneagram Workshop Ideas

Workshop Experience Checklist

Sharing an impactful and helpful Enneagram workshop isn't just about the time spent in the workshop. There's planning that needs to take place and funwork sent beforehand, along with post-workshop activities to help attendees get the most from the workshop. This checklist directs you to what to focus on before, during, and after.

Enneagram Handouts, Guides, and Exercises

To supplement what your team or group is learning from you at the front of the room, you'll get access to a library of teaching assets to help them continue to gain an understanding of themselves and each other. 

What's Included:

  • Dream Team Presentation Slide Deck¬†

  • An Example Video Presentation¬†

  • A Sample 2-Hour Training Agenda¬†
  • Slide-by-Slide Talking Points Reference Guide
  • The "This or That" Icebreaker Exercise Question Bank¬†¬†

  • "Find Your Type"¬†Workbook with an overview of each of the 9 types and workplace pet peeves and preferences

  • Type Comparison Guide¬†to help attendees clarify their type

  • Discussion Questions¬†a type specific breakout¬†

  • Discussion Questions for a mixed type group breakout¬†
  • Enneagram Handouts that include a 1-Page Type Specific Work Profile on each type

  • The Personal Operating System Reflection Activity and Post-Workshop Exercise¬†¬†

  • Instruction Checklist¬†¬†

  • Planning Calendar to help you prepare for the day
  • Pre & Post Survey Questions for attendees so you know what they want to learn about and what they're taking away from the training
  • A Team Map Template to plot each member of your team and discuss the group as a whole
  • + A Bonus 15-Minute Pre-Planning Call with Sarah¬†¬†

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Enneagram Workshop Ideas
Enneagram Workshop Ideas



If you plan to use the DIY Workshop Kit for your own coaching, consulting, or training purposes, you'll need to purchase the Commercial License add-on.

This option allows you to use the materials and ideas from this kit in your own business. 

With the Commercial License option, you get access to an editable Canva link for the presentation slides and session workbook so that you can make design changes as needed to match your branding colors and fonts or swap out slides or descriptions to make it your own! 

Upgrade to the Commercial License for an additional $1500. 

Add the Training Kit to Your Business

24-Hour Money Back Guarantee

We think you'll more than get your money's worth out this self-led workshop kit, but if for any reason the materials aren't what you were expecting, you'll have a 24-Hour window to get a full refund.


ūüĒď Unlock Access for $295