Enneagram Gifts

Surprise a team member, a friend, your boss, or your event attendees with a personalized Enneagram type mug. Or snag one for your own desk to be reminded of all the awesome qualities you bring to your work!

Enneagram Gift Mugs



Each 15 oz. ceramic mug is microwave and dishwasher safe and ships for free!

Give the Gift of Self Knowledge

Inside this session, your friend or co-worker will have 50-minutes to focus on learning about themselves. They can use the time to clarify their Enneagram type, better understand their passions and strengths, work through a specific challenge, or get an overview of all things their type and how to actually apply in real life.

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Would you like to better understand your teammates and clients?


Download the Understanding People Cheat Sheet with an overview of the 9 Enneagram types and how to best work and communicate with each one.

Grab your Enneagram Cheat Sheet

Join other ENNsiders who are learning about different personality styles and perspectives to help themselves and those they lead thrive.