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Sex and the Enneagram, Artist and Author Ann Gadd, Type 9

Sep 30, 2021
Sex and the Enneagram, Artist and Author Ann Gadd, Type 9 on the Enneagram MBA podcast

You are in for a treat to learn from artist, accredited Enneagram practitioner, holistic therapist, journalist, workshop facilitator and author of 36 books, Ann Gadd. Her style has been described as warm,  instructive, and non-judgmental and after listening to her break down this topic of sex and relationships based on our Enneagram types, I think you'll agree. 

Similar to how the work we do in our business or career spills over into all areas of our life, our sex life (or lack of) can do the same. In this episode Ann shares where each type might be blocking themselves from having a happy and healthy sex life and ideas for how to grow and not just be more satisfied in the bedroom, but in all areas of our life. 

This is a jam-packed episode where you'll learn about: 

  • the various "threesomes" of the Enneagram and how to use them to better understand yourself and your partner even if you don't yet know you're type
  • how to celebrate our partner's difference not just tolerate them
  • how gender can effect the expression of our type 
  • the most compatible types 
  • an overview of each of the 9 sexual types and what blocks sexual enjoyment
  • why she included a section on divorcing by type

While this has been one of the longer episodes so far, we barely scratched the surface so I definitely recommend grabbing your own copy of Sex and  the Enneagram to learn more about your own sexual style and your partner's. 

That book is over on Amazon here:

Here latest book, Painting by Numbers: Art and the Enneagram can be purchased here:

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