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9 Practical Ways Managers and Leaders Can Use the Enneagram

Oct 20, 2022
Enneagram MBA podcast episode 83 - 9 Ways Managers and Leaders Can Use the Enneagram



Would you be curious to know how other people are using the Enneagram at work? And what benefits they're experiencing from it? 

If you're here reading about the Enneagram, I'm going to take a wild guess and assume, yes :) 

That's great because in this episode 83 on the Enneagram MBA podcast, we're using the 2022 Enneagram in Organizations Global Survey to guide this conversation about how managers and leaders can use the Enneagram with their teams. 

You'll learn 9 specific ways (you only need to start with one!) that have been inspired by my own experiences, workshop feedback, and learnings from other teachers and mentors, so that you can turn your Enneagram information into a meaningful transformation for your team and organization. 

  1. New Hire Onboarding (3 ideas) 
  2. Giving more meaningful feedback (and how to deliver it) 
  3. In the hiring process 
  4. Providing personalized growth paths for each team member 
  5. Growing everyone's capacity for empathy and understanding of one another 
  6. Understanding your team's sales or customer relations strengths and possible obstacles 
  7. Improving customer, client, and vendor relationships 
  8. Ethically influencing each member of your when new initiatives are rolled out or company goals are communicated 
  9. Noticing the different ways each team member expresses and manages stress to avoid burnout and help them navigate through a stressful work situation 

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