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How People Are Using the Enneagram Across the World | 2022 Enneagram in Organizations Survey | Understanding People #014

Oct 19, 2022
2022 Enneagram in Organizations Global Survey by Ginger Lapid-Bogda, The Enneagram in Business Network


Applying the Enneagram to Your Work Relationships


Nathan Parcells is an Executive Coach and owner at SharpEnd Coaching, helping co-founders build better partnerships. 


He's a co-founder himself, so in addition to bringing his coaching expertise and training to clients, he's bringing years of real-world experience navigating his own co-founder relationships.


The latest episode 82 on the Enneagram MBA podcast is a very practical and very specific one as Nathan shares with us three types of co-founder relationships.


When you listen in, you'll learn about both the partnership strengths and possible challenges with each pairing.


Regardless of your own type, the insights he shares will give you new things to think about when it comes to better understanding yourself and those that you work with. 


The 3 co-founder matchups he focused on were:


  • Type 3 and Type 8 
  • Type 8 and Type 9 
  • Type 1 and Type 3 


When you listen in you'll also hear about his own leadership experience as a Type 4w3, his biggest tip for getting the most out of applying the Enneagram, and what he sees as the most helpful aspects of the Enneagram.



Speaking of relationships...

(both the one you have with yourself and the ones you have with others…)



🌍 The 2022 Global Enneagram Survey Results  🌎


A recent study of 796 people from 49 countries was shared this week with the top 25 ways people are using the Enneagram in those relationships at work. 


The Enneagram in Organizations Global 2022 Survey conducted by The Enneagram in Business Network team and lead by Ginger Lapid-Bogda, also shared over 72 benefits of using the Enneagram in those ways such as:


  • Self-knowledge
  • Relationships : compassion for others (81%), interpersonal work relationships (79%), relationships outside of work (76%), relationships with colleagues (76%), relationships with higher leadership (72%) 
  • Empathy 
  • Communication 
  • Well-being 
  • Respect and trust on teams 
  • Empowerment 


Below, you’ll learn more about the organizational benefits in 4 different categories.


On next week’s podcast episode, you’ll hear about the personal benefits of the Enneagram when it comes to self-knowledge, relationships, traits and behaviors, and career development.


(If you’re not already subscribed to the show you can do that here!)


4 Charts that Show What Benefits Organizations are Seeing from Using the Enneagram


#1 - Organizational Success 


The question: What level of improvement have you experienced in organizational success using the Enneagram?


What 796 people said: 


#2 - Leadership


The question: What level of improvement have you experienced in leadership using the Enneagram?


What 796 people said: 


#3 - Teams


The question: What level of improvement have you experienced with teams using the Enneagram?


What 796 people said: 




  • 🔨 Bring the Enneagram to a team retreat or company holiday party with a Better Together or Selling with Personality workshop here. 


  •  ☕Use the Enneagram in your side hustle or career change here.


  • 🎤 Host an Enneagram topic at your fall conference or 2023 event with topics like The Ways We Lead  here. 


  • 🎁 Give a gift with personality. Share an "Enn Focus" Enneagram session gift card with a co-worker, friend, or family member here. 



#4 - Individual Development


The question: Please select the level of improvement you've observed IN OTHERS in your organization.


What 796 people said:


Alright, so there you have solid data about how people from across the globe are benefiting in the real world from their work with the Enneagram. 


But, you might be thinking if you're not a CEO of a large organization or leading a team at work,  how do you actually use this information yourself? 


My recommendation is to pick one area at work (or at home!) you'd like to focus on applying your Enneagram knowledge and insight towards. 


Maybe it's better understanding your teammates who work remotely, reducing your stress, growing and developing in your career, or applying it to your sales or customer service processes. 


And when you tune into the future podcast episode on this topic, you'll hear 16 more ways to apply the Enneagram at work for additional ideas. 


Until then...

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See you next week, 


Sarah - Enneagram MBA




P.S. How do you prefer to learn about the Enneagram? 

According to this same survey, 70% of people prefer in-person trainings with books coming in second at 60%.

If you happen to be an in-person training person, check out the current Enneagram MBA Workshop Experience menu here.

If you happen to be a book person, I have a few recommendations here.




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