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Applying Personality Assessments in Real Life feat. Heidi Dexter | Type 7 [Personality Assessments at Work Series]

Oct 06, 2022
Heidi Dexter of Beauty Culture MedSpa sharing about being a type 7 and other personality assessments




When you think of the traits that make up your personality, are you viewing them as all the things that are "wrong with you?" 

Often times in my own personal experience and Enneagram teaching experience, the more we learn about ourselves it's the "negative" qualities we tend to focus on first. 

Inside this final episode of the Personality Assessments at Work Series, you'll hear from Heidi Dexter, Type 7w8, head of customer experience at Beauty Culture Med Spa, and self-growth student on how she's shifted her thinking over the years from "what's wrong with me" to seeing these parts of her personality as strengths - and some things for you to think about to do the same. 

Over the last 5 episodes you've heard about different personality assessments to help you better understand yourself, and others, at work:

  1. 360 Reviews 
  2. The Kolbe 
  3. CliftonStrengths 
  4. The DiSC 
  5. Fascinate 

When you listen in to episode 81 you'll hear Heidi sharing how she's applied what she's learned from her personality assessments (some of them being new ones you haven't heard of before!) both at work with her team and clients and in her relationships as a spouse and parent. 


You'll also get some additional insight on life as a Type 7 with that 8 wing energy that you can use to narrow down your own Enneagram type or better understand someone in your life with that 7 energy.



Listen in to hear more about Heidi's real life application of personality assessments and how she's using them to grow one bite at a time. :) 

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Heidi's book podcast recommendations:

The Bridge Podcast
10x Talk - The 4 Freedoms episode

The Gap and The Gain book

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