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Using the Kolbe and the Enneagram feat. Elizabeth Cook [Personality Assessment Series]

Sep 08, 2022


When it comes to data and information, are you a bottom line person who prefers a quick answer or do you like to get (and share) all the details?

To accomplish a goal and get through a project, do you prefer a lot of structure and processes or do you more often find yourself winging it along the way and more flexible in your approach?

Do you have a lot of ideas that you jump into and experiment with or are you more deliberate, protecting what's already working and doing your best to remove uncertainty? 

Just like with the Enneagram, there are no wrong answers. This is information that the Kolbe gives us understand about ourselves to help know our natural gifts and preferences for solving challenges and taking action. 

Inside this interview with Elizabeth Cook, Certified Kolbe Consultant she walks us through the 4 areas of our work styles we can gain a deeper understanding of:  

1) Fact Finder - how you gather and share information

2) Follow Thru - you best way of organizing; how much structure and organization you need

3) Quick Start - your method for dealing with risk and uncertainty 

4) Implementer (Demonstrator) - all about your deal with physical space and tangible items 

You'll also hear about: 

  • How is it different from the Enneagram
  • How to use the information you learn about yourself from Kolbe and Enneagram together
  • What the Kolbe can tell an entrepreneur about how they can most naturally grow their business 
  • How a business partnership or team can use the Kolbe to better understand how each works best
  • My own Kolbe results that Elizabeth helped me interpret 
  • Life and leading as a Type 6 
  • What about the Type One also really resonates with Elizabeth
  • and stay tuned for the end to hear how she defines her best life - it's so good! 




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