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Getting to Know Yourself Better Using 360 Reviews, Tara Nesser, Type 7 [Personality Assessments for Work Series]

Sep 01, 2022


Experts tell us that our unconscious mind makes a majority of our decisions. Which means, most of the time, we're cruising through life on autopilot.

This isn't necessarily a bad thing. 

It would be impossible to be constantly "awake" to every thought, feeling, and behavior. We absolutely need autopilot turned on. The problem happens when our autopilot never gets a tune up. 

Left unchecked, these blind spots, or unconscious biases, can end up steering your life, possibly in a direction you don't want to be going in.

Identifying these blind spots is the first step to course correcting, but doing it on your can be difficult - hence the name - "blind spot." :) So, what do you do then?

Getting feedback from others can be tremendously helpful in uncovering where you might be running on autopilot in a way that's not serving you, and also what strengths you have you may not realize you have.

Our guide today for learning more about how to get feedback from trusted sources and conduct a productive 360 Review (and how absolutely not to do one), is Level Up Talent CEO and Founder, Tara Nesser. 

Inside this interview with Tara you'll learn so much about being a new or emerging leader including: 

  • common challenges new leaders face and how to navigate around them 
  • the importance of self-awareness as a growing leader 
  • why she focuses on both strategy and  mindset in her leadership coaching 
  • what life and leading is like with the Type 7 energy 

Tune in to this first episode in the Personality Assessments at Work Series and let Tara know what you're taking away with you!

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