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Identify Your Natural Gifts Using CliftonStrengths feat. Melissa Moore [Personality Assessment Series]

Sep 15, 2022




Gallup Certified Training Manager, Melissa Moore is our guest expert today on the Enneagram MBA podcast in Episode 78 of our special Personality Assessments at Work series. Inside this conversation you'll get a crash course into the 4 CliftonStrengths Domains: 

  1. Strategic Thinking
  2. Relationship Building
  3. Executing 
  4. Influencing

And how to use them along with what you know about your Enneagram type. 

You'll also hear about: 

  • What is a Floor strength and when to use it 
  • Why you don't actually have weaknesses and how to think about them instead 
  • A review of real assessment results as an example 
  • How CliftonStrengths compliments the Enneagram 
  • What the chances are of having the same top 5 strengths as someone else
  • How teams can get results from group trainings 
  • How women can get the most from this information to increase confidence
  • What resonates most with Melissa about the Type 3 energy and how her own CliftonStrengths results overlap




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