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Which Types Get Along Best at Work?

Jun 27, 2023

What types work best together?

This is a question that comes up during team workshops and while there are no types that work "best" together, it can be helpful to understand the strengths each type can bring to a working relationship, to their team, and to the organization.  It can also be valuable to know what potential challenges you might face working with someone who might share a very different perspective than you. 

In this conversation, Nathan Parcells, former Founder and now Executive Coach and owner at Sharpened Coaching, walks us through three specific co-worker dynamics and what synergies and difficulties each might face:

  • Type 3 and Type 8 
  • Type 8 and Type 9 
  • Type 1 and Type 3 

Regardless of your type, the insights Nathan shares will give you new things to think about when it comes to better understanding yourself and those that you work with.

Today's episode is a clip from the Enneagram MBA podcast library. You can listen to the full conversation with Nathan in episode 82 where you'll also learn about: 

  • Nathan's own startup Founder journey 
  • his biggest tip for getting the most out of applying it
  • what he sees as the most helpful aspects of the Enneagram 
  • his experience having a coach and what to look for when hiring one
  • one thing he's laser-focused on  getting better at as someone with Type 4 energy 
  • helping co-founders manage burnout and when needed, navigate a successful exit 

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