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Building a Healthy Co-Founder Relationship Using the Enneagram feat. Nathan Parcells | Type 4w3

Oct 13, 2022
Nathan Parells on the Enneagram MBA podcast talking cofounder dynamics and the Enneagram

Nathan Parcells is an Executive Coach and owner at Sharpend Coaching, helping co-founders build better partnerships. He's a co-founder himself so in addition to bringing his expertise and training to clients, he's bringing years of real-world experience navigating his own co-founder relationships.

This episode is very practical and very specific as Nathan shares with us three types of co-founder relationships, looking at both the partnership strengths and possible challenges with that pairing.  Regardless of your type, the insights he shares will give you some new things to think about when it comes to better understanding yourself and those that you work with. 

Co-founder Matchups 

  • Type 3 and Type 8 
  • Type 8 and Type 9 
  • Type 1 and Type 3 



In addition to the matchup insights, you'll also hear about: 

  • Nathan's own startup founder journey 
  • his biggest tip for getting the most out of applying the Enneagram
  • what he sees as the most helpful aspects of the Enneagram 
  • his experience having a coach and what to look for when hiring one
  • one thing he's laser focused on  getting better at as someone with Type 4 energy 
  • helping co-founders manage burn out and when needed, navigate a successful exit 

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