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Using the Type 3 Energy to Land Your Dream Job

Aug 18, 2022



Mollie Lo helps millennial women hack the job search process so they can land a career they desire and deserve. And she does it with her Enneagram Type 3 energy. 

Inside this conversation with Mollie, you'll learn more about how to find the best job for you and what NOT to do if you're wanting to stand out among all the other candidates.

Listen in to hear:

  • What Type 3 strengths she sees herself using the most as an entrepreneur 
  • What struggle she's had to navigate through and what we can all learn from it 
  • How to identify your dream job even if you have no idea what that is yet
  • What every stand out resume must have have 
  • What you should never do in any interview 
  • Insights about getting a higher salary 
  • and more! 

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