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3 Ways to Use the Enneagram in Your Job Search

Nov 17, 2022
New podcast episode on the Enneagram MBA podcast - Using the Enneagram in Your Job Search

Are you on the hunt for your next career?

Maybe you're fed up with where you've been.

Or maybe you're getting back into the job market after being at home parenting kids, taking care of a parent, or healing from a health issue.

Regardless, of why you're ready, this episode's intention is to help you get ready by focusing on three parts of the job search process and how to apply the Enneagram in each one:

1) Prework: Getting Clear on a Direction

Study yourself, understand what's not working in your current role, what is that you'd like to take with you, and what you would prefer in the next chapter using insight and information taken from your Enneagram type.
This is foundational for setting a clear path as to what role would be a great fit for you, what type of company culture you prefer, and what type boss would bring out the best in you.

2) Writing a More Accurate and Effective Resume

Drop the "hardworking" and "positive attitude" characteristics and use the Enneagram to validate and embrace your natural strengths (not everyone has them!), give you clear and meaningful language to explain your past experiences, and effectively communicate what makes you unique.

3)  Getting Your Questions Answered During the Interview

Take advantage of getting to ask questions at the end of your interview and ensure you get valuable information from them by asking specific questions about your role, your working environment, company culture and your manager's priorities and communication/leadership style to help you more clearly see what's a "heck yes!" and what might be "not a good fit" based on how those things overlap and compliment (or drain) your energy.

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