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The Domino Skill For All Others: Understanding People #001

Jul 20, 2022
Enneagram MBA Understanding People Newsletter Issue #001

"Self-awareness is the linchpin for all other leadership skills." - Tasha Eurich, author of Insight


Welcome to the first official issue of Understanding People!


The intention of this newsletter each week is to provide informative and entertaining resources for deepening your knowledge about human behavior at work and at home --- including your own :)


Read through/watch as much that seems interesting to you and don't worry about the rest. Alright, let's jump in!

Resources & New Perspectives


Enneagram at Work Series

While you never want to type someone else, you can gain insight into what their values and priorities might be by noticing key qualities. Move beyond your own type and expand your Enneagram wisdom in this "How to Work With..." series. You'll find all 9 types here on Linkedin to help better understand and work with teammates and clients. 


The Surprising Truth About How Others See Us

I use what I learned in Tasha's book almost on a daily basis because it overlaps so much with how the Enneagram benefits us. She breaks down what self-awareness really is - 7 key pieces, including the impact we have on others. She gives a ton of real world examples to understand how to apply what you learn and shares all kinds of research to back up her claims and advice.


Do you lead with your head, heart, or gut?

In this podcast interview hosted by Simon Kardynal of the Trench Leadership podcast, you'll learn practical methods to help emerging leaders understand what leadership ingredients they already possess and how leaders can use this knowledge to help them along their leadership learning journey and be the best team leaders they want to be. Listen here.


Understanding Why People Procrastinate

In his 14-minute TED Talk, Tim Urban, creator of the popular blog, "Wait, But Why" explains with humor and science why we procrastinate, the two kinds of procrastination, and what we can do about it. Watch or read.


Understanding Grief

Olivia Myles is a grief coach (and a Type 7) who helps women who've suffered a loss regain joy and remember without the pain in an evidence based program. Learn more about her work and a new perspective on how grief can show up in "happy" moments too and why we all need to better understand it.



Well, that's it! I hope you got something helpful.

If you know of someone else who might enjoy it, please forward on to them. 

Have a great weekend, 

Sarah, Enneagram MBA 



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