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The question isn't "How do I get what I want?" It's, "Who do I need to become to get what I want?"

The Enneagram is so much more than just a number, it's an opportunity for deep self-discovery and a path for becoming that person you need to be to get what you want. However, getting on the best path for you hinges on connecting to the accurate type for you. Using the wrong type means being on the wrong development path and nobody has time for that, hence why these Know Your Number sessions are so important (and fun!).

What to Expect Inside this Session


1. Enneagram Institute Test

One of the best typing tests by a very credible organization. You'll take this pre-call and we'll use it as a jumping off point during the call to eliminate any and focus on the top results. 

2. 60-Minute Zoom Call

This is where the magic happens! We'll explore your top types, get into important preference questions, conflict styles, behavioral patterns and how to get started with your growth plan. 

3. Guidebook Mailed to You

At the end of the session you'll get a hardcopy of guidebook mailed to you based on the type you're resonating with most to continue to learn about yourself and this type!

Ready to Get Started?

Grab your spot on the calendar for this 45-minute "Know Your Number" session with pre and post call guidance, all designed to help you narrow down your type and use the information to step into the happiest and most healthy version of you for your own benefit and for your relationships!

How Your Number is Formed

Your Enneagram type is going to be a combination of a lot of things: genetics, predispositions, families of origin, personalities, experiences, trauma, ages, socioeconomic status, ethnicities, and cultures.

All these factors contribute to the way you see the world and the way you operate in it.

Unfortunately, not all the ways we have learned to operate are good, healthy or helpful. Fortunately, once you uncover which number you most resonate with, the Enneagram helps you identify the healthy habits to keep doing and the unhealthy ones with specific strategies for growing through. 


Think you already know your number?

Reasons Why People Might Mistype

More on taking the free quizzes...

Yes, there are lots of quizzes out there, but Kristi Rowles, Founder of Enneagram University has found them to be about 60% accurate. They can definitely help point you in the right direction, but they can never confirm your type - only you can do that. Even then, they’re only as helpful if you are self-aware enough to answer them accurately.

Which is where a Know Your Number or "typing" session can help with a Certified Enneagram Coach. These will not only help you find your type match, but also help uncover it more quickly and identify specific next steps for personal and professional growth based on you and your number. 


Book Your Know Your Numbers Session Here

Is a Know Your Number session right for you?

If you still have questions about how the Enneagram can help support your personal or professional growth or want to know for sure you're ready to uncover your Enneagram number, reach out to me and ask! My email is [email protected] and I always love hearing from you! xoxo


For my fellow bookworms, I put together a list of my personal favorites that have impacted my life over the years covering the topics of:

  • Your Career + Calling
  • Money Mindset
  • Love + Sex
  • Health
  • Productivity 
  • Brain Science 
  • Enneagram 

Some of these have been validating, while some have been triggering, forcing me to rethink long held beliefs about myself and the world around me, but all have been a part of my journey towards intentional living and being happy on purpose. I hope they do the same for you!


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