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Bring more attention and intention to who you want to be.

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Thriving as a woman in business or leadership can be lonely and difficult. To help you move through it with greater ease, clarity and confidence, I offer three coaching blocks that address the most challenging aspects of the working woman's journey.

1 - Getting Known Session

Increase your visibility and authority 

Recommended for: Ambitious employees looking to move up and new entrepreneurs looking to grow

The method for how I work with clients like looking to increase visibility for their brand, business, offers, and experitse is rooted in the Getting Known Journey. Depending on your current goals and where you are along the journey is where we'll focus our time together.

  • Personality - to get known, you first have to get to know yourself and what you actually want (not should want)
  • Purpose - what message you're passionate about sharing
  • Other People - better understand your clients and team
  • Promise - the way you want to help others and add value 
  • Platform - where you want to share your message

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90 minutes 

Investment: $350

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2 - Around the Enneagram in 80 Days

Understand who you are and who you want to be

Recommended for: New leaders, pivoting in a career or business, or those going through a life changes

Pack your bags for a trip around your Enneagram type!  Inside this program, you'll learn about yourself, with a focus on implementation and practice.

Each week we'll be studying your personality and using the 10 key areas of your Enneagram type to hone in on your strengths and navigate through your blind spots for greater professional success and personal fulfillment.

11 Weeks. 

Investment: $1650

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3 - Power Couple Program

Find Success in Work and in Love

Recommended for: Working couples navigating repeat challenges

What happens at home ultimately spills over into your work. This starter program is intended to help both be happy and successful places for you and your partner.

We'll use insight from your Enneagram types to work through challenges like:

  • Your partner working "too much" or has issues with your work schedule
  • What you see as a business investment, they see it as irresponsible spending or vise versa
  • In arguments your partner overwhelms you with emotions or  won't engage so the issue lingers
  • You see your partner as a dream crusher or needs to face reality 

Understanding your partner's values, motivies, and priorities and how that compares to yours is relationship changing. 

3-Sessions (scheduled at your convenience)

Investment: $600

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"Progress requires unlearning. Becoming the best version of yourself requires you to continuously edit your beliefs, and to upgrade and expand your identity.”

- James Clear, Atomic Habits

Ciara Gigleux, Branding Copywriter

"Before we started working together, I had so many ideas for content, but I needed an expert, an objective perspective on what type of content and what platforms I should focus on. Sarah has helped me create a focused marketing strategy that I now feel so pumped up about!! Our calls are one of the highlights of my week because not only do I always come away with more ideas, but her enthusiasm and her belief in me and my business always makes me feel refreshed and motivated to keep going! Working with Sarah doesn't feel like work; she is a marketing and strategy expert, business coach, cheerleader, mentor and friend all rolled into one. I would highly recommend working with her!

Katie Taylor, Website Strategist

"I was at a point where I had so much knowledge and capability to offer clients, but needed to create some offers and consistency that would support my time, capacity, and income goals. I was spinning my wheels to try and organize the work I liked doing, who to offer it to, and how to offer it. During our time together, I was able to put together a strategy that has opened up some great opportunities that wasn't even on my mind in the beginning, but came up really organically and is turning out to be a major pillar of my marketing funnel."


EnneaBrandStudy Your Personality to Create a Personal Brand Plan Using the Enneagram

Inside this self-study training course, you'll learn how to move beyond simply an authentic brand and into an intentional one that aligns your personality with your offers, marketing messaging, sales strategy, and visibility plan. 


Investment: $150


Eirin Holmeide, Wealth Coach

"I LOVED working with Sarah and getting access to her amazing program! I've learned so much from her and feel super ready to get more visible now!!"

Janice Burch, Solopreneur Coach

"Sarah's program exceeded my expectations and taught me so much about sharing my message and talking to future clients in a way that really resonates with them."

About Your Guide 

For the past 8 years, in some capacity, I've been helping entrepreneurs, small business owners and professionals step out from behind creative Canva graphics, inspirational quotes, and stuffy corporate content to put their own thoughts, opinions and face out there in order to get known to and respected by the people they’re most passionate about helping.

Yet despite having the “perfect strategy” many were still hesitant about getting visible and struggled to get their message, offers, and impact.  

Why does this happen?

Because good habits and well-planned strategies can make complete sense, but if they don't align with your identity, you won't put them into action. 

Now with my work using the Enneagram and self-awareness, I get to focus on the person first, rather than the project, and help them identify and become who they truly want to be and are absolutely capable of becoming. 

I get to help professional women like you stop circling the "going through the motions" cu-de-sac and uncover the person with all that potential, who's ready to study themselves, honestly reflect, get curious, break unhelpful habits, and believe in what's possible for them. 

People who are doing work that lights them up and people who are simply going through the motions often have very similar goals. The difference comes down to self-image - do you see yourself as someone who doesn't deserve or isn't capable of being happy and successful? Or are you someone who believes you are deserving and capable of more? 

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