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The Difference Between Type 3 and Type 8

May 17, 2022

This is the ultimate entrepreneur/leader mashup - Type 3 known as the The Achiever, The Performer, and The Role Model with Type 8 known as The Boss, The Protector, and The Challenger.


Both Type 3 and Type 8 have the forward-thinking and fast-paced assertive energy.

Leadership tends to come more natural for these types and they both can be very ambitious and very competitive. They want to rise above the rest, but how they go about that is very different.


Core Drivers

At the end of the day though, the thing that makes a Three a Three and an Eight an Eight is their core driver or core strategy for getting their needs met and aligning most with their key values. 

For a Type 3 that is to feel outstanding, successful, and accomplished. 

For a Type 8 that is to feel powerful, strong, and in control. 

Key differences

When the core strategy still isn't clear, there are some important key differentiators for these two to help you continue to narrow down your dominant type, including: 

  • their motivation for earning more money
  • making mistakes and "failing"
  • the habit of comparison 
  • relationship with others' opinions and expectations of them
  • dealing with pressure

Quick typing tip:
Eights tend to quickly know who they are and most of the time identify with an 8 from the beginning, so if there's confusion between which type is you between these two, know that most of the time (but not always!) it's a Type 3 that's confusing themselves with an 8 vs the other way around. 


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