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Crash Course on the Nine Types of the Enneagram

Aug 09, 2021
Enneagram Overview of the 9 Types on the Enneagram MBA podcast

This is for anyone new to the Enneagram (think ANY-a-gram if you're not sure how to pronounce it) or anyone who's wanting to brush up on their Enneagram wisdom to continue to learn about themselves and the other types that your important relationships may be. 


You'll learn not only the core fear and core desires that make a type that type, but also learn the different conflict styles, the different energies the types bring to getting their needs met, where they make decisions from, strengths and struggles, and a healing message for unlearning unhealthy thoughts. 


Below are the cliff notes to jog your memory after you listen if you need reminding of which type is which. After you listen, I'd love to hear which type(s) most resonated with you! Email me [email protected] or over on Instagram at @enneagrammba and drop me a note! 

Type 1

Core desire: being good, perfect, having integrity

Core fear: being bad, corrupt, wrong

Type 2

Core desire: being loved, wanted, appreciated

Cored fear: being unwanted, unloved, replaceable  

Type 3

Core desire: to be seen as successful, respected, admired  

Core fear: failure, being exposed, invaluable 

Type 4

Core desire: to find themselves, have significance, to be unique 

Core fear: being defective, insignificant, ordinary 

Type 5

Core desire: to be capable, competent, self-sufficient 

Core fear: to be incapable, dependent, useless

Type 6

Core desire: to be safe, secure, supported

Core fear: fear itself, being on own without support or guidance

Type 7

Core desire: to be satisfied, fulfilled, content

Core fear: being deprived, bored, trapped in emotional pain

Type 8

Core desire: to be strong, in control, to protect themselves

Core fear: to be weak, controlled, the victim of injustice 

Type 9

Core desire: to be at peace, to have harmony and stability

Core fear: conflict, being overlooked, unaccepted 


Sources used:

Enneagram University content and notes -  created by Kristi Rowles of Full and Free Enneagram

The 9 Types of Leadership by Beatrice Chesnut 

What's Your Enneatype? by Liz Carver and Josh Green

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