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Skills and Strengths that Can Sabotage a New Leader with Jodi Flynn, Type 3

Dec 01, 2022
Jodi Flynn, Women Taking the Lead on the Enneagram MBA podcast



You've probably heard the saying, "What got you here, won't get you there."

In this interview episode with leadership consultant, executive coach, host of the Women Taking the Lead podcast, keynote speaker, and Type 3, Jodi Flynn, you'll learn one of the biggest mistakes new leaders make, especially women, that can leave them overworked and questioning if they are cut out for this new level of leadership.

It has to do with letting go of the mentality of success that got you this promotion  because it no longer works at this level.

You'll learn how to avoid this mistake (it happens to the best of this!) and instead how to set yourself up as a sustainable, successful leader that has a full life in and out of work. 

When you listen in, you'll also hear from Jodi on: 

  • important questions to consider like "what does it look like to hit a wall?"
  • the power of good enough
  • when it's okay not to bring your A-Game
  • why the workplace isn't always set up for women to get and succeed in a promotion
  • one thing that can sabotage new leaders - and what to do about it
  • signs it's time for a break - and how to know you're ready to come back
  • when you might need to reset your podcast to better align with your business 
  • the impact a podcast can have on your sales strategy
  • dealing (or avoiding!) hard feelings as a Type 3
  • finding joy outside of accomplishment as a Type 3

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