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The Goals Issue: Understanding People Vol #006

Aug 20, 2022
Goals and the Enneagram


The question isn’t who is going to let me – it’s who is going to stop me?”

― Ayn Rand

The Goals Issue: Understanding People Vol. 006


Setting goals is one thing.

Achieving them is an entirely different thing. 


There's several steps along the way to help set you up for success:


  1. Set goals that you actually want (not that you should want to go after).
  2. Dig in to uncover the driver behind them and use it to reinspire as needed.
  3. Identify the best way for you to get there.
  4. Understand where you are now - your starting point.
  5. Plan for possible roadblocks along the way.    


When you dive into this week's issue, you'll find resources and interesting perspectives on all parts of the goal setting process.


5 Resources & New Perspectives


#1 - Roadblocks to Your Goals by Enneagram Type



Lots of time and talk goes into goal-setting. But, how much time goes into planning for what roadblocks may come up and how you're going to navigate around them? Here you'll learn about the personality and values of each type and 3 common roadblocks each might encounter.


#2 - Understand Core Motives Driving the Goals of Yourself and Others


As you swipe through here, you'll get an idea of what might be driving the thoughts, feelings, and actions of not just yourself, but of your team members and clients. Even if you don't know their Enneagram type, this simple summary will start to give you an idea of the different types of key drivers for different people.


#3 - The Psychology of Unattainable Goals



Οn the dark side, unattainable goals often end in failures. For some, failure can be a crushing blow. If not managed well, fixating on the fact that you failed may lead to negative self-fulfilling prophecies or self-critical thinking (“I’m just not cut out for this,” or “I’m worthless.”) and you can spiral downward. There's also a bright side - read about it here.


👉 4 ways to work together 👈

  • 🎤 Entertain or inform at your next event with an Enneagram speaker here.
  • 🗣️ Improve communication, reduce conflict, and maximize potential on your team inside an Enneagram workshop. Check out the current menu here.
  • 🧭 Navigate a career change or business pivot with important insight about your personality here.
  • 🔍 Find your Enneagram type and ways to start using it at work and home here.


#4 -The Science of Motivation



Motivation comes from vision, goal setting, and celebrating small successes, but there’s more to it – there’s actually a science behind motivation. Learn about how to stay motivated and understand why it can be so hard here.


#5 - Five steps to designing the life you want



I just ordered this design duo's second book, "Designing Your New Work Life." Until I get it, I found their TedxStandford talk and it was very insightful and really made me think. It's practical with takeaways you can start using or reflecting on right away - including the 3 dysfunctional beliefs that might be getting in the way of setting goals for a life we really want.


What's a goal you're working on right now?


Has there been a resource, strategy, or mindset that you'd recommend for accomplishing goals? Connect with me over on Instagram or Linkedin and let me know! 


Until next weekend,

Sarah, Enneagram MBA


P.S. This past week, I got to visit the Detroit area for the first time and had the privilege of being the Enneagram guide to a local business, Beauty Culture Spa, for their Dream Team Workshop Experience. You can check out photos from the day and a morning of sight-seeing here.



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