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Type 2 at Work: Enneagram Case Files Series

Nov 22, 2022
Enneagram Type 2 at Work

To better understand the Enneagram Type 2, whether for yourself or someone in your life, check out the first "case file review" in this new series below.


You'll get a a few clues and hopefully some clarify about the Type 2's:
✔️core motive
✔️common behaviors
✔️problem solving style
✔️way they get things done


And, you'll hear from informant, Samantha Martin about life and work on the "inside" as a Type 2.


To close out this week's investigation, I asked Samantha what most people get wrong about Type Twos.

She responded that not all Twos have the warm, fuzzy, friendly persona that they can get stereotyped as and I thought that was such a good reminder of why we can't type people from their behavior alone.

It always come back to what is driving that behavior.


If you identify with the Type 2 energy, what would you add to what people get wrong about this Enneagram type?

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