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Am I a Type 1 or Type 3?

Sep 30, 2022
What's the difference between Enneagram Type 1 and Type 3?

Type One on the Enneagram is known as The Perfectionist or the Improver. They are striving to feel perfect.

Type Three is known as The Achiever (who doesn't want to have that nickname??) or The Performer. They are striving to feel outstanding.

When that still isn't clear, this video will give you 5 additional clues to help you narrow it down or at least give you some new things to reflect on and get curious about. Watch it below to gain more insight on:


  • the definition of quality for each
  • priorities around being right or efficient 
  • handling stress and which other type they tend to most neglect
  • how they approach going after what they want and accomplishing goals 
  • standing alone in your beliefs or shape-shifting to be whoever the situation calls for to fit in



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