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What's the Difference Between Type 2 and Type 8?

May 11, 2023
What are the differences between an Enneagram Type 2 and an Enneagram Type 8? In the 12 minute video, Enneagram MBA trainer, Sarah Wallace shares 3 clues to help you find your Enneagram type.

Type Two on the Enneagram is known as The Helper or The Giver. They are striving to feel connected.

Type Eight is known as The Challenger or The Protector. They are striving to feel powerful.


When that still isn't clear, this video will give you 3 additional clues to help you narrow it down or at least give you some new things to reflect on and get curious about. Watch it below to gain more insight into:

  • the similarities between these types and what subtypes have to do with the confusion
  • leadership tendencies and preferences of each
  • relationship with anger and the most common post-blow-up responses for each
  • how each type tends to make decisions (unconsciously)



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