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Can the Enneagram Really Help You Get Along Better with Your Boss?

May 23, 2023
How you can use the Enneagram with your boss on the Enneagram MBA podcast with guest Joy Pederson founder of Clarity Collective LLC

Do any of these types of bosses sound familiar?

  1. A brand new boss, someone you’ve never met before.
  2. A manager you don’t see face-to-face because she works in another location
  3. An insecure boss (hint: it’s important to know how to tame his ego)
  4. An all-knowing 
  5. An indecisive boss
  6. A manager who gives you conflicting messages
  7. A long-winded boss
  8. A hands-off boss
  9. A manager who isn’t as smart as you
  10. A boss that’s actually a board of directors, rather than a person

In the 2015 Harvard Business Review article, What Everyone Should Know About Managing Up, these 10 types of bosses were outlined as potential team member-leader challenges. 

The article pointed out that no matter what type of manager you have, there are some skills that are universally important: 

  • You need to know how to anticipate your boss’s needs 
  • You need to understand what makes your boss tick (and what ticks her off) if you want to get buy-in for your ideas
  • You need to know the best way to bring a problem to your boss (based on their personality) and be able to navigate sticky situations together



In today's episode, we're learning from Clarity Collective founder and life coach, Joy M. Pederson, Ph.D. on how to specifically use the Enneagram in all of these situations to manage up at work. 

Listen in to get insight and a quick tip about working with each Enneagram type of boss.

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