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Turning Content into Cash Using Pinterest with a Type 3w2 Entrepreneur, Presh Rodgers

May 26, 2022
Presh Rodgers, Type 3w2, Turning Content Into Cash on Pinterest


Should your business be on Pinterest?

You may already feel like trying to keep up on social media is taking up all your time as it is, so why, and more importantly, how would you add another thing to manage?

Or maybe you're already on Pinterest and while you're getting lots of views and even website visits, nothing is happening with your bank account so you're wondering if it's even worth it?

Inside this interview with Pinterest Badass, Presh Rodgers you'll learn about why Pinterest isn't just another social media platform and how to harness its power for authority building, feeding your funnels, and ultimately growing your business. And as a Type 3 striving to be outstanding, you'll also hear how Presh helps her clients be outstanding on Pinterest!

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