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How Can Type Nines More Confidently Make Decisions?

Jul 04, 2023
Felecia Holmes, Own it For Good Life Coach, Enneagram Type 9

Why do Type 9s struggle to face conflict?
What can they do to shift their people-pleasing tendencies to more self-care practices?
How can Nines be more confident in their decision-making?

These are just a few of the topics real estate agent and Enneagram and Sober Living life coach, Felecia Holmes opens up about with her own self-growth journey.

Whether you relate to Type 9 or have a Nine in your life, you'll leave this conversation with deeper insight into the core motives and fears and how to better understand the Peacemaker energy.


As a life coach, Felecia specializes in working with women to help them achieve their personal goals by identifying and owning the issues that are causing them anxiety, stress, and distress.

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