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When Quitting is Powerful | Leveraging Type 4 Energy in Business

Oct 27, 2022

Tiffany Napper is a former Creative Director who produced massive photo shoots for artists like John Legend and Elton John. She's started and ran five successful product and service-based businesses. And now, Tiffany is a  Business Coach to creative entrepreneurs who helps her clients make bank without the burnout. 

Inside this interview you'll hear about:  

  • finding joy in your business or career journey again
  • when it might be time to quit 
  • being a successful multi-passionate entrepreneur
  • the secret to starting more than one business 
  • deciding what to focus on next 
  • why you shouldn't turn every hobby into a business 
  • the importance of self-awareness as a business owner 
  • why curiosity is key in leader



Tiffany also identifies as an Enneagram Type 4 and shares a ton of insight about that energy's superpowers and struggles. We go into how: 

  • she knew she was a Type 4 
  • she uses the drive to be significant and unique in her business 
  • her superpower of empathy and understanding others shows up
  • she brings a big vision to life
  • to deal with mundane tasks that can feel hard 
  • to handle comparison triggers 
  • she sees the Type 1 arrow benefit her and her business 
  • she incorporates the Type 5 wing into her marketing data and strategy

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