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Co-Worker Compatibility of Type 2 and Type 8

May 30, 2023
The Similarities and Differences of Enneagram Type 2 and Type 5  on the Enneagram MBA Podcast



Do Type 2s and Type 8s get along at work? 

What should each type know about working with each? 

What should they know about working with someone of the same type? 

Join us for this co-worker compatibility conversation with Hannah, Sarah, and Julie from the Cincinnati Children's Hospital as we explore the strengths and challenges of their individual Enneagram types in the workplace and gain valuable insights on each type's communication style, collaboration preferences, and personal growth realizations.

When you listen in, you'll hear about:

  • How Hannah, a Type 8, thrives in her strength while navigating vulnerability and being misinterpreted
  • Sarah, a Type 2,  shares her empathetic nature and passion for helping others, even at her own expense at times
  • Julie, also a Type 8, and the importance of standing up for those without a voice and the impact of gender dynamics on other Enneagram Type 8s


This episode can help anyone looking to better understand their Type 2 and Type 8 teammates.

Connect with the panel over on Linkedin:

Sarah Coyle , Donor Relations Officer II, Champions Program Manager, has worked for Cincinnati Children’s for almost 5 years and has the honor of working with families who want to get involved and share their stories to encourage hospital support.

Hanna Firestone, Donor Relations Officer I, Special Events,  started at Cincinnati Children’s in June of 2022 where she is instrumental in executing fundraising events for the hospital.

Julie Spendal, Donor Relations Officer II, Annual Giving,  helps donors connect to the community, as well as raise funds and awareness for kids and families in need.


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