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The Fascinate Issue: Understanding People Vol. #012

Oct 01, 2022


πŸŽ™οΈPart 5 of the Personality Assessment Series on the Enneagram MBA Podcast πŸŽ™οΈ


This week's Enneagram MBA podcast guest is Madelyn Ridgeway, Certified Fascinate Advisor (and Type 6w5) who's sharing all about a lesser known, but very fun, personality assessment tool - Fascinate. 


You can tell from the image above I was busy taking notes throughout the whole conversation. 


What I learned it that while the Enneagram gives you lots of insight into yourself and others, the Fascinate Assessment is focused on giving you insight about how others see you. 


The other unique aspect of this assessment is that it's all about helping you stand out - in your own way - with a personal brand that you present with more ease and confidence.


When you listen in you'll get the overview of the 7 Fascinate Archetypes to help you to start narrowing down your own and applying it to your own business or career: 


The Innovation Archetype - uses the language of creativity and new ideas

The Passion Archetype - uses the language of relationships (buy-in)

The Power Archetype - uses the language of confidence 

The Prestige Archetype - uses the language of excellence 

The Trust Archetype - uses the language of stability 

The Mystic Archetype - uses the language of listening 

The Alert Archetype - uses the language of details 


You'll also learn how to start to apply your dominant and secondary advantages to the work you do and the roles you have, and what you need to know about using your dormant advantage. My results are below to give you an idea of how the results look and what type of insight it gives you. 




(My assessment results πŸ‘†)

Madelyn was so fun, and dare I say it, so fascinating :) If you click on the image of my results you'll be taken to her link to take your own assessment (like with the more legitimate Enneagram tests, there is a fee).


If you end up taking it, you'll have to let me know your Primary Advantage and how that overlaps with your Enneagram type.


Have fun listening to this one and learning about yourself through a new lens.


As the Fascinate slogan goes, here's to embracing the things that make you different and fascinating ✨


Sarah - Enneagram MBA

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