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The Difference Between Type 7 and Type 8

May 03, 2022
The difference between Enneagram type 7 and type 8 on the Enneagram MBA podcast

A client of mine had historically thought she was a Type 8, but the more she's learning about the Enneagram the more she's realizing she may actually be a Type 7 with a strong Wing 8.

Many of the behaviors of the Type 8 were reflective of her own, but the core motive of a Type 7 was resonating more.

At the end of the day, that's what makes a type a type - the core motive and core fear.

For a Seven, the core desire is to be satisfied, without emotional pain, and with lots of freedom and choices.

For Eights, the core desire is to be strong, powerful, and in control to protect themselves from being vulnerable and taken advantage of in any way.

Sevens tend to be the Idealist Optimist with Eights being the Hard-Nosed Realist.

Both are in the Assertive Stance along the Type 3 and have that forward-thinking, fast-paced energy. Both have a lot of energy to go after what they want, tend to focus on their individual desires, and both resist limits and control of any kind. How they go about that though is a little different.

While Sevens avoid pain and will explain hard situations away or look to escape conflict, Eights accept pain, being more comfortable to confront conflict and difficult situations head on.

While Sevens look for variety, Eights tend to look for intensity.

Both will rebel, but Sevens with a "soft-rebellion" and Eights with a much more direct rebellion.

Sevens value freedom over almost anything else, while Eights value power.

Eights are in the Body Center with a strong gut-reaction. Sevens are in the Head Center with a brilliant and quick mind, but will struggle to stay grounded and practical like an Eight.

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