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The Difference Between Enneagram Type 7 and Type 9

Jun 28, 2022

The Enneagram Type 7 is known as the Multi-tasker or the Enthusiast, striving to feel excited, satisfied, and fulfilled. 

The Enneagram Type 9 is known as the Peacemaker or the Harmonizer, striving to feel peaceful and calm, both internally and with the world around them. 


They are two of the most optimistic types on the Enneagram, typically choosing to avoid hard feelings and difficult conversations, but for different reasons. Both of these types tend to embellish reality more than the other types, perceiving things better than they really are. 


Core Drivers

The thing that ultimately makes a Type 7 a Type 7 and a Type 9 a Type 9 is their core driver or core strategy for getting their needs met and aligning with their most important values. 

For a Type 7 that core strategy is to feel satisfied, excited, and happy. 

For a Type 9 that core strategy is to feel at peaceful, in harmony, and calm. 


Key differences 

But, with those similarities, there are also key differences that you'll hear about in this episode to help you narrow it down between the two, including:

  • the different type of optimism each type expresses 
  • how they view interruptions 
  • handling distractions 
  • their orientation to time 
  • getting their needs met



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