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The Difference Between Enneagram Type 2 and Type 6

Oct 07, 2022
The difference between Enneagram type 2 and type 6

Are you stuck trying to figure which Enneagram type you are? 

As a quick recap...

Type Two on the Enneagram is known as The Helper or The Giver.
They are striving to feel connected.

Type Six is known as The Loyalist or The Troubleshooter.
They are striving to feel supported and secure.


When that still isn't clear, this video will give you 5 additional clues to help you narrow it down or at least give you some new things to reflect on and get curious about like:

✔️what they tend to look like in stress
✔️the center of intelligence they check in with first
✔️their relationship with others depending on them
✔️the difference in how (and what about) they worry
✔️the motive behind wanting to be close to the people in their lives



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