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What are the Biggest Pet Peeves for Type 7's at Work?

Jun 06, 2023
Enneagram Type 7 at Work talking pet peeves

Do you tend to look on the bright side, and can find the good in almost any situation?

Are you easily fascinated by interesting people, events, and ideas?

Do you find yourself always coming up with new, visionary ideas?

Do you dislike limits of any kind and prefer to keep your options open?

If any of these resonate, you might be an Enneagram Seven.

Or maybe you see these qualities in a co-worker

Either way, when you listen in, you'll learn more about the Enneagram Type 7 strategies and hear from two real-life experiences to help better understand yourself or your teammates.


Connect with our Case Study "informants," Ellen and Kate, to let them know what resonates with you most about what they shared:



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