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How Military Experience Impacts Your Enneagram Type | Type 3 or Type 8 | feat. Vicky Johnson, Army and Air Force Veteran Officer {Special Veterans Day Episode}

Nov 10, 2022
Vicky Johnson on the Enneagram MBA podcast talking about military experience and the Enneagram

How is your personality impacted by military service?

How might it make uncovering your Enneagram type a little tricky?

Inside this special Veteran's Day episode, you'll hear from Army and Air Force Veteran and CEO/Owner of VJ and JJ Property Management in Reno, NV, Vicky Johnson about how she's noticed her Type 3 or Type 8 Enneagram typing journey impacted by 30-year military career.

You'll learn about what core qualities of each type she's had to step into as a military officer, as well as which qualities she no longer resonates with as she develops as a professional and along her personal growth path.

Even if you don't identify with either Type 3 or Type 8, tune in to gain valuable insight about the 3s and 8s in your life.
Thank you again to Vicky for her service and to any listener here who's also served - we're celebrating you this Veteran's Day!



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 Enneagram for Military Professionals full report:
 War and Man: Finding Practical Value in Psychological Theories for the Military Professional by MAJ Trevor P. O’Malley, US Army

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