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Uncovering Your Type as a Corporate Leader with Sheila Frierson [On-Air Typing Session]

May 05, 2022
Sheila Frierson Computershare, Enneagram Typing Session Type 8

My guest today is Sheila Frierson, President North America Employee Share Plans at Computershare, a global financial services company and Founder of Liberate Collective, a collective of women from diverse backgrounds on a journey to liberate each other from that which holds us back. 

Inside this week's episode, Sheila was willing to share her Enneagram typing session with you here on-air. She took the in-depth Enneagram Institute RHETI assessment that's made up of 144 questions to get more of an accurate picture than can sometimes come from free quizzes alone.

When you listen in you'll hear us go through what resonates with her about the top three results: 

  • Type 2 - striving to be connected 
  • Type 7 - striving to be excited  
  • Type 8 - striving to be powerful

And, eventually you'll get to learn about where Sheila lands with her dominant type and how she sees it show up in her leadership style at work. 

 Connect with Sheila on Linkedin and let her know what you're taking away from this episode!

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