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You Might Be This Enneagram Type If...

Jan 06, 2023
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The Enneagram is a model for identifying nine distinct strategies for navigating life. Based on those strategies, specific personality types are formed, giving you insight into your strengths, the stories you're telling yourself, the root motives behind your behaviors, and your specific path of growth and performance improvement.


Whether you're wanting a guide for your own self-awareness journey or a tangible tool to better understand the people around you, you'll find what you need inside the Enneagram. 


But, in order to get the most out of it, you'll need to identify your dominant strategy - or Type. 


Below are three questions to help you start to narrow it down or use them as discussion points for sharing the Enneagram and learning more about others. 


You might be a Type 8 if...

  • Have you heard that you intimidate people, but that surprises you since you aren’t doing anything to intentionally intimidate anyone? 
  • Do you naturally read what’s happening in terms of who has power and how they use it?
  • Do you have a tendency to work so hard and so long that you can hurt or injure yourself because you tend to deny or ignore your physical limitations?


You might be a Type 9 if...

  • Do you tend to be more tuned in to the agendas of others rather than to your own and naturally pay attention to what they want more than what you want?
  • Have you ever unconsciously turned down the volume of your anger so that it doesn’t rise up at an inconvenient time and cause disharmony with others?
  • Do you attempt to avoid rocky situations by helping mediate disputes by being diplomatic in the way you state your views (if you state them at all)? 


You might be a Type 1 if...

  • Do you have a harsh inner critic that has an opinion about almost everything you do and because of that, you can be sensitive to criticism from others?
  • At the same time, are you also welcome to honest feedback because you have a focus on always improving?
  • Do you tend to over-control your emotions and impulses, most likely out of a desire to be responsible and appropriate?


You might be a Type 2 if...

  • Do you see the work you do through the lens of your relationships and how supportive you can be to those relationships?
  • Are being considerate, empathetic and unselfish high values for you?
  • Do you have an intuitive superpower that allows you to relate to a wide variety of people?



You might be a Type 3 if...

  • Do you see work through the lens of how to do the best job possible in the most efficient way?
  • Do you tend to identify as your work - what you do, your job title, the amount of money you make - is who you are?
  • Does leadership come natural to you and enjoy having a say in how work gets done?


You might be a Type 4 if...

  • Is it important to be seen and understood for your unique, authentic self - it’s important they see the real you on the inside?
  • Is small talk hard for you and prefer to connect with others in a deep and meaningful way?
  • Is it difficult not to compare yourself to others and can end up dwelling on how you are lacking?


You might be a Type 5 if...

  • Do you see work through the lens of the information that needs to be mastered to get the job done?
  • Are you more comfortable with data and facts than people and emotions and prefer to work independently?
  • Are you skilled at looking at things objectively without an emotional response or attachment?


You might be a Type 6 if...

  • Do you tend to immediately poke holes in peoples’ plans to test how solid they are and can struggle accepting things at face value?
  • Are you good at rationally analyzing situations and are insightful - you can think outside the box and read people well?
  • Is safety and security a motivation in your decision making process or how you think about situations? 

You might be a Type 7 if...

  • Are you constantly coming up with big ideas and love the thrill of a new experience or adventure?
  • Can you find the silver-lining in almost anything or have a tendency to automatically reframe negatives into positives?
  • Do you avoid being constrained or limited in any way and will look to find a way around it or out of it? 


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