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Can Fictional Characters Help You Use the Enneagram?

Jun 13, 2023



Is Batman a Type 1?

Is the Hulk a Type 2 or Type 9?

What type is Peter Pan?

And more importantly, why does it matter?

In this fun and light-hearted episode, we're delving into a unique approach to understanding Enneagram types. We'll be exploring how fictional movie characters can provide valuable insights into the nine Enneagram types, helping us deepen our understanding of ourselves and others.

You'll also get to hear from Nine Ways to Die: An Enneagram Murder Mystery, author Kate Hallock who shares her experience and insights from using fictional characters to better understand the Enneagram and ultimately the other people in your life.


Kate is a writer who loves taking non-fiction topics and turning them into engaging fiction. Her Debut novel, Nine Ways to Die: An Enneagram Murder Mystery, takes the concepts of the Enneagram and displays them in the fun puzzle of a murder mystery.

She's also the podcast host of the show, "Nine Ways To..." and identifies most with the Enneagram Nine.

Connect with Kate over on Instagram: @katehallockwrites

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