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The 2 Question Enneagram Test

Nov 23, 2022


What if you could start to uncover your Enneagram type, or help someone else start to uncover their Enneagram type, in just 2 questions?

While tests can be anywhere from  just 60-90% accurate, they can be a great starting point when you're new to the Enneagram.
There is a 144-question typing test that I use during my Typing "Enn-Focus" Typing Sessions. It takes about 30 minutes to complete with about an 80% accuracy, so there's still some additional digging needed.
But, if you're not ready for that yet, there is the 2-question Riso-Hudson QUEST Test will help you narrow down your type in less than five minutes with about a 70% accuracy.



When you go thru the questions:
1) Select just one paragraph in the following two groups that best reflects your general attitude and behaviors as you have been for most of your life. Remember we have all 9-types inside of us, but one particular style is our "home base."

2) You do not have to agree completely with every word or statement in the paragraph you select. You may only agree with 80-90%. You should, though, agree with the general philosophy of the paragraph - don't pick it just because of a single world or phrase.

3) Do not overanalyze your choices! Go with your gut.



Pick ONE paragraph from these three paragraphs based on which is most true, most of the time (not necessarily 100% of the time):

Now, select ONE paragraph from this set of paragraphs based on which is most true, most of the time (not necessarily 100% of the time):⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀



 How did it go? Where did you land? Were the results what you were expecting?



How will you know when you've finally discovered your type?
--> You will just know - waves of relief and embarrassment and excitement will wash over you.

--> Things that you have always known unconsciously about yourself will suddenly become clear and patterns will emerge.
Self-discovery is a process, and that the process does not end with discovering your type - really, it's just the beginning!

. ✨


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