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The (Anti) Hustle Issue: Understanding People Vol #005

Aug 13, 2022

Understand that overwork is not necessary for success."

- Alice Boyes, Harvard Business Review

The (Anti) Hustle Issue: Understanding People Vol. 005

Last week in the newsletter, we talked about how hard it can be to hear "no" in the Sales Issue, and this week we're looking at how hard (but needed!) it can be to say, "no."

The first interview episode of Season 3 kicked off this week with Executive Coach and Principal at Trek Coaching, Pam Cho, sharing her expertise about the work benefits of getting outside more.

Pam also identifies most as an Enneagram Type 2, so you'll get to hear how she's navigated through learning to say "no" more, being warm, but firm with her boundaries, and how to make sure she's taking care of herself while still filling her cup of taking care of others.

I thought pulling the anti-hustle topic off the shelf was a great compliment to this episode, so I hope the resources below spark some new perspective shifts and ideas for how to work in a way that enhances your life, not drains it.

Resource 1:

What Does Your Enneagram Type Say About You Might be Burning Yourself Out?

Sometimes a little hustle is a needed for a project or a season. The problem happens when that’s your default mode and your only speed is hustleThere are very stereotypical types of hustle that come to mind when you say the word. And there’s other types of hustle you may not even realize but are important to be aware of and check in with how intentional you’re being with it. Get an overview here.

Resource 2:

Resist the Pressure to Overwork

We all face internal and external pressure to do more. But, in the pursuit of career success and fulfillment, overwork is your enemy, not your friend. These strategies can help you push back against it.

Resource 3:

The Science of Quitting

This is a new podcast I started listening to and this episode with Anna Duke on the science of quitting has been one of my favorites. A lot of her insights come from both her academic background and her professional poker playing days. Inside, you'll hear a story about climbing Mt. Everest that will make you question grit over quitting and how to know when to quit in your own life.

Resource 4:

The History of "Living Your Passion"

I really enjoy following Tara McMullin and in this Instagram post she shares the story behind how we landed in this place pursuing our passion - it's not always been that way. She also talks about once you "find" your passion how we can use it as an excuse to overextend and eventually burnout.

Resource 5:

Understanding How to Hustle Less

Are you trying to grow your business but tired of the hustle? Most of us in this community didn't start a business to be tied to a laptop or constantly on the phone. We like what we're doing and want to continue growing a business but do so in a way that supports your life, not controls it. If you're feeling this message you'll love this podcast with Katie Taylor.


That's it for this week! Wishing you a recharging weekend, however you spend it.

- Sarah, Enneagram MBA


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