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Your Second Most Important Enneagram Type

Dec 16, 2021
Enneagram in Stress on the Enneagram MBA podcast

In this episode, you're going to learn about what your Enneagram type looks like in stress and which type it goes to once it's exhausted it's normal copies strategies and defense mechanisms. 

Knowing more about this type can give you so much more insight and information to your personality and the unconscious ways stress shows up for you.

AND when we're not talking about your type, you'll also get invaluable information about how others in your life deal with stress so that you can come to them in those types with more support, understanding and empathy.

Plus, I've heard from other typing clients who were stuck between two types that understanding their stress arrow type was the thing that helped them narrow it down and confirm which type they most identified with.

Here's a quick cheat sheet to refer back to once you listen to the episode:

In times of stress...

Type 5 takes on the stress behaviors  of Type 7
Type 6 
takes on the stress behaviors of Type 3
Type 7 
takes on the stress behaviors of Type 1
Type 8 
takes on the stress behaviors of Type 5
Type 9 
takes on the stress behaviors of Type 6
Type 1
 takes on the stress behaviors of Type 4
Type 2 
takes on the stress behaviors of Type 8
Type 3 
takes on the stress behaviors of Type 9
Type 4 
takes on the stress behaviors of Type 2 

Was this helpful? Did this episode give you information you can use? Or help you narrow down your dominant type?

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