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Enneagram Discussion Questions for Your Team

Feb 11, 2024
10 Enneagram Discussion Questions for your Team

Are you known as your organization's in-house Enneagram champion (officially -- or unofficially!)? 

Use the questions inside this episode to support an upcoming workshop experience, keep a past training alive, or use them just for fun with your teammates over coffee breaks.

When you listen to this episode on the Enneagram at Work podcast, you'll get additional context for these 10 questions below, plus 4 bonus conversation topics to use with your teammates.

  1. What resonates with you most about your type?
  2. What doesn’t resonate? 
  3. What feels most true with tendencies around that type's work preferences and pet peeves?
  4. What's a work style strength of this type you see show up for you?
  5. What’s a strength you see in your teammate?
  6. What does it look like for you to overuse your strengths?
  7. Is there a specific situation where you might need to use one of the other strategies?
  8. What specific quality of another type do you see as being more difficult to understand/work with? What makes that challenging? What can you do to navigate those challenges more productively? 
  9. What synergies are possible? What challenges might come up?
  10. What's one specific person or situation you can use this insight to better work with?

Catch the 4 bonus questions when you listen to the full episode!



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Sarah Wallace is the Founder & CEO of Enneagram MBA, a team training company, the host of the Enneagram MBA podcast, and an Enneagram Certified coach. Learn more about Enneagram MBA and bring a workshop to your team here


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