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Enneagram for Entrepreneurs: Build an Aligned Business by Studying These 9 Pieces

Dec 08, 2022
Enneagram for Entrepreneurs on the Enneagram MBA podcast

I'm guessing if you're listening to this one, you have a business that you started around something you love or a cause you're passionate about.

But, over time that love and passion have been known to fade because of all the other things that are required of you to run a successful business.

That light for your business can start to dwindle and instead of inspiring you, it can start to drain you.

Part of this is just the normal ebb and flow of running a business.

And part of it might because there are certain things out of alignment with your personality, interests and strengths.

The more you know about yourself and your entrepreneur style, the more ease and enjoyment you can put back into your business.

In this episode, you'll learn 9 pieces of the Enneagram to dig into more to uncover specific parts of how your type and your work and creator style can overlap to create a business that fits into your whole life, not the other way around.

1. Insight about your sales style
2. Alignment around what you sell and how you deliver it
3. Specific challenges based on your Center of Intelligence
4. Understanding the energy you bring to going after what you want and getting your needs met using Stances
5. What stress looks like for you and what to do about it
6. What growth looks like for you and when to celebrate wins
7. Better understand you clients and customers using conflict style insight
8. What reoccurring obstacle you may be running into based on your specific type
9. What unhelpful message you'll need to work to turn down the volume on based on your type's Childhood Message

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