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The Leadership Issue: Understanding People #009

Sep 10, 2022
Understanding People: The Leadership Issue with Enneagram MBA and Sarah Wallace


πŸŽ™οΈPart 2 of the Personality Assessment Series

Elizabeth Cook, Kolbe Certified Consultant (and Type 6) is our guide inside this week's podcast conversation about how to use the Kolbe assessment to better understand how you take action whether inside yourside own business or a leadership role inside a company. Listen in to learn about the 4 action domains and where you land inside each one!

The Ways We LeadπŸ’‘

While leadership may come more natural for some Enneagram Types than others, you have a unique skill set and style that can be developed over time as you continue to step more into this role, regardless of your type.

Find out more about the leadership qualities of your dominant Enneagram Type below. If you prefer video, you can catch a YouTube overview as you scroll down.


The Type 1 Leader - "I have a mission in life."


doing the right thing - ethical and responsible
working hard - making significant effort
results and detail oriented
take things from good to great
quality control - make sure it’s done right
creating process and structure


"one right way" of thinking
being rigid, inflexible
can come across as critical
may delay a project because it's not yet perfect
take on too much to ensure it's done right

The Type 2 Leader - "I want to help people."


flexible and willing to help however needed
encourager and cheerleader
intuitive and help getting people in the right seat doing right job
build community and read the emotional temp of the team


too focused on others can mean not seeing the bigger picture
can neglect your own needs and opinions
providing honest feedback about what needs improvement can be difficult
can overcommit and burnout

The Type 3 Leader - "If I work hard, I know I can do it."


runs on efficiency and strategic planning
models hard work and hustle to their team
natural leaders who love to goal set
brings passion and motivational energy to your work environment


may come across as impatient when talking to your team
can be dismissive and frustrated if you feel like your time is being wasted
can feel that no one is doing as good as you so you never delegate
can ignore others' feelings (and your own) to get the job done

The Type 4 Leader - "There's nothing worse than being ordinary."


highly creative and aesthetically gifted
naturally see opportunities to add originality and unique touch
makes an effort to understand others
isn't afraid of tough conversations or giving honest feedback
most fulfilled when you have higher purpose


will often procrastinate on mundane tasks
can get frustrated when your ideal image doesn't live up to reality
can get stuck on wanting to fix relationships and neglect work priorities
comparison can set in and may become resentful if you haven't reached a certain level yet



The Type 5 Leader - "Without data you are another person with an opinion."


objective and critical thinker who is a great problem solver
consider and analyze all options before impulsively acting
count on you to provide high level of expertise
genuinely enjoy learning
good listener and open to others' ideas around work issues
low drama and healthy boundaries


others may feel like you want to get away from other when they ask to talk
don't have as much sympathy for personal issues or problems
hesitant to step out of comfort zone
may not always want to collab with the team - prefer to work independently

The Type 6 Leader - "You can depend on me."


can understand and explain complex issues and problems
very honest, straightforward, humble
loyal to the mission and seeing it completed
excellent on teams, keeping others engaged, valued and committed
sharp analytical minded troubleshooters and problem solvers
funny and quick wit


self-doubt and all your questioning can slow down work process
may flood team with too much information
often have hard time deciding
can make things more complicated than they need to be
too much skepticism and doubt can undermine team's confidence


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The Type 7 Leader - "I still haven't figured out what I want to be when I grow up."


incredible at casting vision and kicking off initiatives
naturally bring motivation, optimism, and enthusiasm
creative problem solver and dreamer of all possibilities
can be counted on to move things along
innovative and futuristic
good at reframing problems into opportunities


struggle to implement or execute on your big ideas once it feels boring or no longer exciting
rose-colored glasses can sometimes fog their ability to see risks or potential problems
may just skim the surface when slowing down and going deeper into a task is needed
can avoid facing bad news
can be so focused on the future you miss the experience of the presence


The Type 8 Leader - "I am the master of my fate."


natural action-and initiative taker
big picture thinker
confident and capable leader who encourages others to be the same
ability to take bold action and maintain control
load of energy that can move project forward well after everyone is tired
open to new ideas if others can prove why they're better
confident in approaching conflict


low tolerance for the small details that are needed to make big ideas happen
can be too comfortable with conflict and look for ways to initiate
you can over control things and squelch spontaneity and creativity
may intimidate people without knowing it

The Type 9 Leader - "I go with the flow."


great on a team; want to share power with others
create structure, predictable systems, and routines to keep work easy and uncomplicated
will blame the system vs. the person when things don't go well
flexible and happy to fill gaps as needed
help all voices at the table be heard
make people feel accepted and included


tend to procrastinate on important or daunting tasks and can waste time on menial things
can be too accommodating and can be taken advantage of
may hold back what you're really thinking
can avoid taking initiative even as a leader
can say things so delicately because fear of conflict you don't communicate clearly


Additional Enneagram and Leadership Resources


Your Guide to all 9 Leadership Styles


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Sarah - Enneagram MBA


P.S. This coming up week I get to head out to Vegas to facilitate the Excell Conference's Women Reception - "The Ways Women Lead." I love that they had the idea of bringing the Enneagram to a networking event. Wish me luck and I'll share any fun pictures with you next week.



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