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Using Therapy (and the Enneagram) to Understand What You Need During Difficult Times feat. Christie Rocha | Sass Says Host | Type 3

Nov 03, 2022
Christie Rocha, Sass Says Podcast Host, on the Enneagram MBA episode talking about therapy

Are you ever in a difficult time and know what you've been doing isn't working, but aren't sure what would work better?

There is a ton of great advice out there for how to take care of ourselves and navigate through challenges.

The problem happens when it may not be great advice for yourself, for whatever reason.

Inside this episode, you'll learn how therapy (and the Enneagram) can help you better understand yourself and what you actually need in a difficult time.

Our guest and guide through this conversation is, Christie Rocha. mother of two, former corporate employee, now running a family business, and keeping up with a successful podcast, Sass Says


She opens up about how she landed herself in therapy and the life changing benefits that have come from it - including the launch of her podcast where she interviews therapists and other mental health experts inside "therapy sessions you didn't know you needed."

You'll also hear about: 

  • what leading can look like even when you don't have every duck in a row
  •  the shame and guilt of not being happy, even when you "should" be 
  • how she's started to unpack diet culture and the hate we can have for our bodies 
  • what we get wrong about self care
  • how to join in on her weekly "Mental Health for Content Creators" Instagram series  

Sass Says episodes Christie mentioned during the interview:

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