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Selling Strengths by Enneagram Type

Oct 17, 2022
Enneagram and Sales: Selling Strengths by Enneagram Type

The Enneagram is a verb. 

While it won't (and shouldn't be used to) tell you who you are, it can shine light on specific things you do that tend to come more natural. 

In this case, we're going to use it look at things you do really well when it comes to selling - either for a company you work for and selling your own products and services. 

Below is just one (there are many more!) selling superpower for each Enneagram type. 

Do you see yours listed? What else would you add or change based on your type? As always I love to hear from you - Find me on social media and let me know! 


I'm a Type 1 and my selling superpower is:




You can count on me to deliver only the highest quality. Whatever I'm selling, I'll personally guarantee it to be nothing less than excellent, building trust and bringing back repeat customers and clients.


I'm a Type 2 and my selling superpower is:




Reading people is my superpower. I'm able to deeply listen and truly understand what each of my clients need. I take the time to get to know them, so they always feel cared about and never just a number. 


I'm a Type 3 and my selling superpower is:




Reading a room comes so natural to me. I'm able to understand what the person or group in front of me needs, so that when it comes time to present the solution, I really shine. I don't mind having the spotlight on me and my gifts of charm and relatability draw people in.


I'm a Type 4 and my selling superpower is:




I'm okay with sitting in uncomfortable feelings so when the client is talking, I'm not in a rush to jump into a solution. When other sales professionals are ready to respond with the answer, I dig deeper, ask more questions, and am able to get to the real problem.


I'm a Type 5 and my selling superpower is:




The saying goes that people buy with emotion and justify with logic. My superpower is the logic part. I excel at gathering relevant information to back up why this solution is the best. I have stats, analysis, and research to help clients feel validated about their decision or to help persuade their boss or committee why this solution will work. 


I'm a Type 6 and my selling superpower is:




I have a unique ability to synthesize information quickly and see into the future to understand what other problems we may need to be aware of. Many times clients will come in thinking they know what they need, but based on this skill, I can anticipate likely other issues that may come up and help the client with a more holistic approach rather than taking their money for a one-off fix.


I'm a Type 7 and my selling superpower is:




Clients typically leave a conversation with me ready to take on the world. In life, my focus is on all the possibilities. I bring this perspective to my clients to show them what's possible and am genuinely excited about helping them implement these possibilities. This energy tends to be infectious with clients who get inspired to jump in to the solution. 


I'm a Type 8 and my selling superpower is:




When my clients have a problem, they are looking for answers, not a bunch of options that overwhelm them into paralysis analysis. I listen to what they need and then provide one clear direction for how to fix their problem. I'm confident in my recommendations and will tell it like I see it. Clients notice this, and while they may not always like what I have to say, they can always trust they're in good hands.


I'm a Type 9 and my selling superpower is:




In the sales process, there can be many different groups and people involved - on the client's side and on the delivery side. I'm able to get along with all involved to ensure the client's team feels heard and taken care of as well as my own team who has to design, build, service, install, etc. the product, ensuring a smooth and successful experience for all.


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